I was not born a ramblin' man

  • Workout Date - 02/18/2017
  • Q In Charge - Floppy Disc
  • The PAX - Whisper (Respect!, WD), Lookout Below, Road Trip, Mint Julep, Pine Tar, The Muff, Washer, Church Lady, Elmer, Shamu (WB), Floppy Disc (YHC)
  • AO -

When your gifted with 50s in Feb at 0600, you don’t just sit around. You get out, you explore your world, you put your BLIMPS on a string, and you go farther than you thought you wanted to.

Most men would not go so far so early on the weekends.  The methane cuddles of the fartsack sing their siren song so well on Sat mornings.  The struggle is real to break free, and embrace the suck that is a running bootcamp, especially when the hills of #SpauldingFarm await.  Fortunately, yoleven brave pax did just that thing this fine day.  In fact, 3 pax said what YHC had in store was not enough for them and decided to run an additional 5.2 miles prior to joining these other fine gents for a Saturday Stroll.  Tclaps @Whisper, @RoadTrip, and @LookOutBelow!

As a suprise to all pax, @ChurchLady pulled up at 0556, and much was made of the fact that we had not even started the SSH.  Once we started the SSH, another pax came rolling in hot on 2 wheels, and someone asked if @ChurchLady was pulling in.  In fact, @Elmer took that honor this fine day.  After the disclaimer was made, and the warming up was done, we tied a string to the first set of BLIMPS to make sure we all knew what was coming.

Rust shaken, shoes laced, we moseyed on.  YHC had scouted the route beforehand, warming up the legs and putting in the miles for the upcoming #P200. #Cobains to the pax who showed today and were not expecting a lot of running.  6 BLIMPS were carried around on our strings as we covered 3 miles total. Tclaps to all pax for completing their BLIMPS and the miles, and doing it together.  Not a single pax was left behind, YHC included, and all were the better for it.  There were multiple @Easybake sightings by the pax as we moseyed through #TheFarm, but he would not be deterred from his longer, more enduring run.  A shame really, as the #2ndF was truly enjoyable during our time together.

#Mary was had for a brief time before circling up, so she did not get left our, or dissapoint. The #CircleofTrust bore the weight of our concerns for loved ones and friends, and we left it all at the feet of the Most High. With the work being done, and the miles being run, these #HIM made their way back to their homes, better men for it, ready to impact those who are within our circles.

The offer of #Coffeeteria was made, and YHC and @Elmer partook.  The coffee is worth it at @JavaBistro, and the fellowship all the more.  Thanks for sharing brother!

Until next time,

Floppy Disc out.

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