I Was “Kind of” a Virgin

  • Workout Date - 08/17/2015
  • Q In Charge - Shiner
  • The PAX - Seal, Slug, Boomhower, Quaker (Respect), Mr. Burns, Domer Simpson, Link, Hook and Ladder, Pygmy (Hate), Inspector Gadget, Slider (My 10 year old 2.0, Hate), Steamer, Flowrider, Brown Shorts, Gluten (Respect), Keystone, Taylor Swift (Hate), Tiny Dancer (Hate), Duplo, Stem Cell, Carls Jr (Respect), Youkilis, Shiner (YHC)
  • AO -

23 PAX showed up at the Powderkeg on Monday morning. I had Q’d once before when 5 of us arrived and there was no Q on the calendar but this was my first official planned Q.

Warm Up: SSH, Windmills, LBC’s, Arm Circles

The Thang: I wanted to do something different for this workout and after reading some backblasts I decided to harken back to my college days with a little ultimate Frisbee, F3 style – normal ultimate rules but with a 3 burpee penalty for a dropped Frisbee and when a team is scored on, they have to do 5 burpees. We split up – dark shirts vs. light shirts with guys like Keystone who was wearing a tank top and shorts that were too small in the 80’s teamed up with the light shirts. We needed one more light shirted fellow so Seal (as I was sure he would) offered to skin it up. Love seeing that hairy chest at 530 in the morning!

So we played and the truth is we had fun but 23 people on the field is just too much. Too many bodies and arms everywhere and consequently we had lots of turnovers/burpees.  Looking back, I realized that next time, I’ll rotate some of each team off the field and do a longer mosey to reduce the amount of players at one time. The lightshirted men including YHC took the lead and never looked back. The dark shirts lost like 8-3. It was ugly.   Observations – Seal and Stem Cell were into the game for sure. Seal almost took someone’s head off in the endzone. Pygmy (hate) was on fire. He was the guy that races to the endzone everytime there’s a turnover and has lots of energy. Hate, hate, hate. Brown Shorts complained about not giving his team (Dark) time after a turnover and the penalty burpees – don’t think I said in the rules that you had to wait – incentive to get your burpees done quicker!


5 min of Pretzel Crunches, Reverse LBC’s, American Hammers, Flutters



  • Gadget spoke about Expansion – very excited about Easley. Hard Hat has connections to help grow Easley. We have penciled in September start with Gutshot as site Q.
  • Hook passed gas (as usual) and said he’s working on bringing F3 Dads come to Powdersville probably 9/19. Had 34 at Camelot in Anderson last Saturday.


  • Kids back to school
  • Gadget’s niece Kristen, pregnant with 3rd Praise for the news and pray for healthy pregnancy
  • Spring Break’s child has meningitis
  • Gadget’s boss has family that is sick and out of town and they’ve been her responsibility
  • Boomhower’s mother-in-law driving back from CA with her sister.
  • Gluten’s brother flying to CA.
  • Prayer and praise – Link’s 49 yr old brother had a heart attack last week and is recovering after stint.
  • Slug – pray for him and his coworkers. Slow times at their work.
  • YHC’s knee. Popped while planting and turning playing ultimate Frisbee. Now painful to put a sock on.

YHC (Shiner)really tried to post this BB, but could never find the “+” indicative that the “rights to post” have yet to be earned. After getting up with Gluten, he agreed to load this up after receiving the “Word” via email. (Thanks Gluten.) Shiner, out!

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