I want to ride my Tricycle…. I guess not.

  • Workout Date - 09/03/2015
  • Q In Charge - Gymboree
  • The PAX - Brownie, church lady, easy bake, padre, retread, ratchet, nature boy, murdoch, light brite, hot wire, slow mo, nippler, fred, grimace, tickler, elmer, floppy disc, Gymboree
  • AO -

18 men crawled out of the fart sack to get their tricycle on for his Q.  Once 5:30 rolled around and we were all looking at each other stupidly.  Despite his questionable counting skills, YHC took on the Q for the day.

Things started off strong with 20 side straddle hops and counting right in cadence.  The wheels fell off during the counting of the 20 hill billies which seemed to be on about a 16th beat which was impossible to execute.  There is a reason that I am a singer and not a drummer.  After that train wreck we mosied to the back of the school for a little playground work.  split into 4 groups doing circuits of

10 pullups

20 squats

run around the track

20 LBC’s

20 dips.

repeato x 4

Mosey to front of school and count off by 2’s.  Relay race all out effort.  My favorite because pride and energy ensure that you leave it all on the table.  Fellow Pittsburgher, Brownie even waited up to have a show down with me on the last leg.  In the end youth prevailed.  Congrats Brownie.

5 minutes of May led by Elmer because I could not count before the race.  it would have been worse afterwards.

20 low dollies

20 big boy situps

6 W’s

COT – prayers for nail pop’ son having seizures, donut’s father with cancer, grand slam adoption process, sushi’s son bloodwork.  Nature Boy shared his testimony about God’s Great Providence.




2 thoughts on “I want to ride my Tricycle…. I guess not.”

  1. Since we also had the Virtual Flag today, we’re penalized 50 Monkeyhumpers at the next workout.

    ‏@F3VirtualFlag I love myself, but I’m never a good look at any AO. Judgement? 50 Monkey Humpers for the guilty PAX at next COT.

  2. There was also a #Rucklife siting at the AO this morning – 4 Ruckers formed their own group for circuits – TClaps to Lite Brite, Brownie, Retread, and Murdoch!

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