I love the smell of ciabatta in the morning!

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  • Workout Date - 09/03/2015
  • Q In Charge - ATM
  • The PAX - Hulk Smash (respect!), Hooch (hate!), 50/50, Soccer Mom, Third Base, Macho Man, Look Out Below, The Situation, Barney, Cool Breeze, Walrus (respect!), Officer Poncherello, Sammy, M.O., FNG Mike n/k/a Formica, Thumper, Bambi, ATM (YHC)
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18 pax including 1 FNG (welcome to Formica) resisted the #fartsack on the first day of College Football and posted at the Tower of Terror this morning.  YHC had a small trick up my sleeve and as the pax arrived, we had some background music including the Gamecock fight song, 2001, and Sandstorm.

Here is what went down:

W/U – SSH x 30 IC

I’m warm, let’s mosey to the field by the church.  Half the pax got a late start on the mosey because they took off the wrong direction assuming we were headed the 1/2 mile to the football field, but YHC had something different in mind.

Thang – time for some ciabatta training (know as Tabata to the non-pax).  20 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest.  4 minutes for each exercise so 8-20 second intervals per exercise.  30 seconds between each set.  This entire workout was done in a circle and each pax in a 2×2 space.  The #mumblechatter started early, but was quickly replaced by grunting and gasping.  Here is what we did:

Exercise 1: Groiners
Exercise 2: American Hammers
Exercise 3: Merkins
Exercise 4: Electric Boogaloos (BTW- noticeably absent in the gloom this AM was our good friend Affordable Care Act who was to demonstrate this original maneuver.  We pressed on with YHC demonstrating)
Exercise 5: Carolina Dry Docks
Exercise 6: Over Clap Squats
Exercise 7: Clurpees (#crowdpleaser)
Exercise 8: Knee Tuck Jumps (due to time, we had to skip)
Exercise 9: Squats

Any pax that paid close attention would see that our list of exercises spelled GAMECOCKS.  #sneakyATM #goCocks

No time for Mary, mosey back to the flags for COT and BOM.

Prayers for Dezzy, Evan and family, and family of 15 y/o accused of killing mother.

Note: YHC opened the workout with some discussion on the importance of fathers in the lives of our children.  Statistic after statistic shows that children with ACTIVE fathers in their lives are less likely to end up committing crimes, becoming addicted to drugs, and being incarcerated.  YHC reminded the pax that with the mission of F3, the “invigoration of male community leadership” – our first community is our own homes.  Pax were encouraged to work hard this AM not just for them, but for their families.  They delivered.  Great job men.

Always a pleasure men.  See ya in the gloom.



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