I like my #tabatas "IcyHot"

  • Workout Date - 12/08/2016
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - SlapChop, Noonan, DoubleOught, TheFridge, THE..., Radar, Boss Hog, Erector, Spring Break, Earthmover (WD)
  • AO -

YHC has been on IR for awhile and misses his SwampRabbit brethren. The best way to avoid re-injury is to Q the workout and design it to avoid the problem areas. While I couldn’t compete with the fancy Elf outfit from #SantaFlay we still managed to work up a good sweat and have a few laughs (at my expense!). Here’s how 10 HIM rolled:

Arm circles as we wait for THE to arrive
Mosey to the #manutebol pullup bars – 10 pullups and 10 burpees
Everyone grab a cinder block and gather back in parking lot. YHC can’t really run so tabatas it is…After each tabata set overhead carry your block around the median and back
-Mountain Climbers
-Dying Cockroach
-Chest press with block

The great thing about the tabata circle is it allows for some good 2ndF and #mumblechatter. If you weren’t there you missed it! #icyhot

Gideons convergence Wednesday Dec 21
3 spots still available for Smoky Mountain Relay team – see Caviar
Deaucible December 16 5am Cleveland Park
Tommy’s Ham House Thingy Christmas Eve morning
Prayers for those struggling with marriage issues
Erector and M leading marriage small group class Monday evenings. Hit him up for info
Tclaps to Radar on new job
Erector took us out in prayer

Always a pleasure! SYITG


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