I have to teach him everything

  • Workout Date - 08/14/2015
  • Q In Charge - Mr. Winslow
  • The PAX - Kipper the Dog, Soluvlaki, Mr. Winslow
  • AO -

At 6:56 am after a legit beatdown from Overdraft at the #toiletbowl version of the CRUCIBLE, I receive an email titled “CAN YOU HELP ME PLEASE????????????” Sometimes I feel as if Mr. Winslow is another one of my kids and things like this just tend to prove my point. The kid pulls together an impromptu Crucible Q then pulls the ole—-do you mind doing the backblast. So this one’s for you!!

The above recordings is provided by YHC. Hereinafter, comes straight from Mr. Winslow.

3 Men showed up to Cruce after an apparent rest day for everyone participating in the 5K tomorrow. #freshlegs (YHC would have given some props and maybe a pep talk here instead of sticking the knife in, but that’s just me).

The THANG: Run up main and hang a right on broad. When you get to the liquor store at falls and broad, lets begin.

Liquor Store 20 shots, I mean squats
Run down to wine and paint place on broad for 20 LBC’s
Run to the bottom of thunderbird hill for 20 merkins
Run up thunderbird hill for 20 squats at the top
Run down mcbee to publix for 20 LBC’s
Keep on mcbee till you get to spring street for 20 merkins
Run back down spring to the liquor store
Repeat for 3 more laps
Mosey back to Sbux where Hootie, Houdini, Holla, and one other (can’t remember name #SORRY) all came to check on us and made it for the COT.

Total miles: 4.2
Good work (that is from Mr. Winslow and YHC)

You guys inspired us to begin this type of workout @F3Anderson. We all enjoy the Friday Challenge down in our neck of the woods. Keep up the good work and good luck to the guys running tomorrow.

Prayers for Kipper the Dog’s Mas they are expecting soon.
Good luck in the 5K

Until next time…Mr. Winslow

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