"I didn't know this was going to be the crucible"

  • Workout Date - 10/13/2015
  • Q In Charge - Blades
  • The PAX - Ricky Bobby, GRR, Iceman, 1st Date, No Bars, Perry Mason, Cockroach, Mr. Head, FNG- name to be decided, Wal-E, FNG-Patches, Blades. Like always I think I forgot 1.
  • AO -

Warm Up:
Mt. Climbers X20
Train came by so drop and do 10 Burpess OYO

The Thang:
Hub and Spoke workout:
At the intersection of cannon and jason st you do Merkins X 10
1) Run down Cannon st. to the furniture store and do 10 Donkey kicks run back to the intersection and do Merkins X 10
2) Run to the end of Jason street at Main street and do Turkish Getup X 10 run back to the intersection and do Merkins X 10
3) Run down Cannon st. to the park and do Jump Squats X 10 run back to intersection do Merkins X 10
4) Run down Jason st. to the park and do Russian Twists X 10 run back to intersection do Merkins X 10
Repeat till YHC called time. We got in a couple rounds

Run/lunge walk to the cannon center:
Partner up. One partner runs backwards up the cannon center to the road and back while the other partner holds balls to the wall. Audible was called and switched to people’s chair. Didn’t think the blood could rush to your head so fast. Repeat

Head to the entrance of the park for some dips X 20 and Derkins X 20.
Now for my favorite part: Suicides!
Ran to the side of the park near poinset dr. Use the light posts as your markers. Total 5.
1) Normal Suicide
2) Bear Crawl to first light and back
3) Normal Suicide

Back to entrance for some dips and Derkins again.
Jail break back for COT.

If you don’t post on Wednesdays or don’t like running around in circles(my type of workout) your in luck! Not One but Two! new bootcamps in the area.
1) Gideon’s house-downtown greenville. Great opportunity to partner up in the community while also getting a workout
2) RunAwaze at Buena Bista Elementary.

Great effort over the weekend and week by F3nation for work in Columbia and surrounding area affected by the flooding.

Welcome patches o’houlihan. He is a PE teahcer (hint dodgeball). Great to have you out this morning. Hope to see you in the gloom soon.

As allows nothing makes you want to merlot more then Suicides. I hate them but love them at the same time. I think I am going to make them a staple of every bootcamp I Q. Get Pumped

Thanks for letting me Q this workout, I know I got better and hopefully you did too.

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