I did this to myself…

  • Workout Date - 03/21/2016
  • Q In Charge - RADAR
  • The PAX - 00, Iceman, Obama, Amelia, Foie Gras, Earthmover, Wilson, Radar
  • AO -

After the shenanigans of St. Patrick’s Day, I knew I had to step my game up for my own anniversary Q.  Since I wasn’t planning to incorporate liquor into a workout just 4 days later, I knew the exercise would have to stand alone.  As per usual, the announcement of a RADAR Q limits the number of pax (though the weather didn’t help either) – notable absences include Slap Chop among others.

The workout was a simple, crucible-style circuit in which the pax partner up to perform some of my favorite exercises along a course that wraps around the church.  00 and I were the self-proclaimed winners (it wasn’t really a competition).

Everyone was impressive today and we all stayed pretty much together as a larger group.  This workout was not easy.

There was a report of Amelia actually sweating so it must have been ok.

Warm Up
Iceman thought that my workout would be 45 minutes of SSH’s and LBC’s, so we did these in his honor.

The Thang
Partner up and mosey around the course to see each exercise, there is no demo at this time and that turned out to be a good decision.

Station 1 – 10 pull ups each and run to the stairs for
Station 2 – Joe Hendricks and run up the hill to
Station 3 – 20 squats each then run to the front of the church for
Station 4 – 10 hand release merkins then run to the porte cochere for the starting line.  I referred to this as the toll booth, and the toll for each lap is 10 burpees…

Partners start by paying their initial 10 burpee toll and we begin.
This was performed until we ran out of time, and I think we completed 5 or 6 laps. I was pretty light headed by about lap 3, and the burpees to start each lap made things extra difficult.  We ended on the start line so we did our burpees one last time.  I decided to do Mary where we were instead of at our normal circle spot.  I claimed it was for time, but it was really because I didn’t want to move anymore.

Leg-throw dolly’s X 15 or so
LBC 2.0 for some number until time ran out.

Since we were already here we just went ahead and had our circle where we were.

The usual – mud run, BRR, etc.
Prayers for Iceman’s aunt
I’m sure I forgot someone, but I was hallucinating during this part so forgive me if I did.

Naked Moleskin
As I mentioned on the twitters, today marked 2 years since my first workout after Hard Hat EH’d me on a hunting trip.  I have met a bunch of great men in those wee hours of the morning (that sounds weird out of context), and done some strange things with those same men in the mountains, public parks, residential areas, and church and elementary school parking lots.  It has been a great first two years, and I’ll continue to see you all in the gloom…




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