I am 3rd

  • Workout Date - 07/09/2014
  • Q In Charge - Longbottom
  • The PAX - Johnny 5, Bartman, Hardhat, Snowden, Scherpa, Golden Sombrero, Holla, Double aught, Alfred, Earthmover, Longbottom (Q)
  • AO -

One of the many reasons that I choose to practice the 3F’s with this group of men is that we are different.  We get up in the gloom, roll around in the grass & mud, and push to our physical limits, only to come back for more pain. However, it’s not the obvious differences that keep me coming back!  I am 3rd

1 mile mosey

The Thang

We ran hard! We do every Wednesday and at every workout!  Enough Said

Cool down run

Core work-out and stretching

During 6MOM we heard a loud crash, YHC thought it was a trash truck or a train docking.  About 5 minutes later we saw smoke above the trees near the entrance of our AO.  We dismissed and several our brother rushed to the scene.  I am honored to say that I am among men that I hope emulate.  Never doubt that whatever troubles come your way, you are surrounded by men that will be there to pull you from the fire.

Prayers go out to the 2 men and their families that lost their lives this morning.  Also, for the recovery of the young man who has been taken to Augusta burn center.

More than ever, it was a pleasure to lead this group of men in a workout, but a blessing to see them in action when it truly matters!

LB out!

4 thoughts on “I am 3rd”

  1. Amen. By the time I got round to the crash the whole car was a ball of flames. Proud to have F3 brothers that are willing to risk their lives for others.

  2. Inspector Gadget

    ^^ Ditto what Sponge Bob said.

    Leave it to the PAX to raise the bar of character and courage yet again. This organization and the men in it, continue to amaze me. May God be with the families who lost loved ones today and the family of the survivor as well.

  3. Swamp Rabbit PAX – very proud of you guys for your bravery and putting yourselves in harm’s way to help the people in the crash. Hope to meet you in person sometime. Bravo.

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