I ain't afraid of no burpees.

  • Workout Date - 10/22/2015
  • Q In Charge - Spring Break
  • The PAX - iTunes, Wally, Biofreeze, Cockroach, Slick Willy, Wrench (FNA Patches), Mouse - FNG (FNA as Mo), Spring Break
  • AO -

One year ago I was put into the #EmotionalHeadlock and I’ve been grateful ever since. (Shoutout to #Erector) Before F3 I was lukewarm with my exercise routine and would flip-flop from one training method to another.  It’s all about consistency men! If you show up the results will follow.  Over the past year we’ve laughed together, cried together, grew stronger, and made an incredible impact throughout the community. To that, I am honored to call you all brothers.

Moving along… 45 degrees, clear skies. Beautiful day for an anniversary Q.  I haven’t played with cinder blocks for a while so I was looking forward to this morning. Great workout and someone even brought #merlot to the party.

SSH x30
LBC x20
Merkin IC x10

Indian run to church for a #BlockParty. On the way, drop for 10 burpees in honor of the train.

Arrive at church, partner up and grab a block. Dora-style workout. Partner A runs while partner B adds to reps.

5 workouts 50 reps each
Bench Press x50
Clean and Press x50
Curls x50
Goblet Squats x50
Bent over rows x50

Round 1
Completion Time: 9 minutes even.  Inform PAX  to #RinseAndRepeat however we have to beat our previous time. And for extra credit, let’s add 10 reps to each exercise.

Round 2 (60 reps of each exercise)
Completion Time: 8 minutes 40 seconds. 20 seconds faster, great work men!

Next up:
I ain’t afraid of no burpee!

YHC was in the Halloween spirit. Quickly browse youtube for Ghostbusters theme song.  Each time you hear “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” or “Ghostbusters”, drop for a burpee. Squats to fill the time in-between.  29 burpees total and a lot of squats.

Mosey back for Mary. On the way, grab some wall for People’s Chair. One PAX performs 5 merkins, gets back on wall, next PAX 5 merkins, etc. for 1 round.

Jailbreak back to circle.

Cap’t Thor
TRAIN! 10 burpess to take us out.  #neverfails

Welcome back Wrench (FNA Patches) who brought an FNG.  Given-name to FNG in the COT was “Mo” (from Wall-E) however name is already taken. Since FNG works in IT, YHC pulled rank for an official name change.  Welcome to the crew Mouse.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great!”

-Spring Break

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