Hurricane Hike 10k

  • Workout Date - 09/20/2014
  • Q In Charge - FOG
  • The PAX - Any F3er that wants to lug a 45lb back around Camden for 6 miles.
  • AO -

Robber here, posting this prebast on FOG’s behalf:

From FOG:

The 2nd annual Hurricane hike is a response to the memory of Hurricane Hugo. During SC’s disaster response, the SCSG was used to provide essential aid to the citizens. The average weight of guard member’s packs was approximately 45 lbs. Hence, the creation of the Hurricane hike. However, you can participate without a ruck and just hike.

For all you guys signed up for Columbia’s GORUCK Challenge in November, this is an excellent idea to put that fancy pack to good use and get some experience under weight.

The Thang:
  September 20th 7am for pack weigh-in,  start 8am
Where: The Armory: 1100 Ehrenclou Dr Camden, SC 29020
Gear:  Must provide own ruck and weight (45lbs) to be weighed-in prior to start (optional)
Price: FREE 4 F3, lunch included
Registration: F3 participants must register by September 8th at:

General Mullikin of the SC State Guard has extended a special invitation F3 (up to 200 pax) to allow us to participate in this year’s Hurricane Hike 10k. F3 will be the only civilian group to receive an invite. We will be among several local and state first responder groups, SC National Guard, Citadel cadets, Ft. Jackson personnel, and several Special Forces members from Ft. Bragg including the General.  Our special invite is a perfect opportunity for cross- pollination of our great organizations.  I hope we can recruit/ expose SCSG to F3’s principals while participating. Furthermore,  General Mullikin asks F3 to think about using our professional talents in the SCSG. As F3 members, we have gotten into the best shape of our lives, become better husbands, fathers, community leaders, and  better in our professional fields. All the while, meeting in the gloom where a flag held by a shovel hits the dirt.  Why not take the next step and use our professional talents to better our state with voluntary service in the SCSG?

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