Hurricane Alley's Epic 1 Year Anniversary

  • Workout Date - 07/05/2017
  • Q In Charge - 12th Man
  • The PAX - BOGO, Fargo, Clarinet, Mr. Belding, Gluten, Whittle, Brown Shorts, Beanie Weenie, Al Borland, Flow Rider, Karaoke, Keystone, Tiny Dancer, Partner, Pebbles, Skid Marks, & Waterboy
  • AO -

BOGO and YHC had been exchanging ideas on how to celebrate Hurricane Alley’s first birthday.  We wanted something different with a little variety and excitement.  Well, two out of three isn’t bad.  After two weeks of back-and-forth, BOGO brought the idea of a workout tribute over the last year.  We’ll leave it up to the PAX to lead their most memorable, or hated, workouts over the past 12 months.  YHC limited it to four Pax leading for 10 minutes each and recruited volunteers.  18 men responded to the GroupMe teaser with their presence.

Before the tribute, YHC lead us in a few warm-ups in no particular order, in cadence, in a count that YHC can’t recall.

  • SSH
  • Cherry Pickers
  • Windmills
  • Hillbillies

Mr. Belding quickly reminded us of Abacus’ The Walking Dead workout, and how we all left walking like Zombies.  Unlike the 400 meters of lunge walking from the original, we were given a reprieve of 80 meters.  After 20 meters, the PAX paused for 20 merkins and continued to Quakers’ Corner where were instructed to grab a package (block).  A quick reminder of Brown Shorts’ UPS training, we delivered the package to the top of the home bleachers and back.  Times up…

Fargo continued the UPS training by leading us to the Visitors’ side for some 7s – block presses at the top of the stands and LBCs at the bottom while carrying the ‘package’.  Times up…

BOGO stepped in on a late night change and lead us with a Merkin Mountain, courtesy of Abacus with no UPS package here.  PAX started with one merkin on step one, a box jump up one step, two merkins, up a step all the way to ten merkins per step.  The PAX then descended it back down to one.  PAX then ran the package back to Quaker’s corner for 40 merkins (140 merkins total).  BOGO quickly led us through two sets of Colt 45s.  Times up and arms are smoked….

12th Man paid tribute to Fargo’s bear herding workout.  Yes, it took Fargo two attempts to get the kinks worked out; but when done the second time, it was forgettable/memorable.  Pax counted off into pairs.  One Partner bear crawls one direction while the partner runs the track in the opposite direction.  The runner relieves the bear crawler by crawling in the opposite direction while the partner runs in the same direction as they were crawling.  Times up…..


The PAX spoke openly about how F3 has changed their lives spiritually, physically, and relationally.  Several talked about the improvement in their health – better cholesterol, significant weight loss as well as better relationships and stronger faith.  We’re drawn together through each other and find strength in each other’s struggles.  YHC gave some stats for the year – 144 workouts, 39 FNGs born at HA, and over 2000 individual workouts.  Of the 18, 8 were born at HA, 7 were born at Powderkeg, and 3 were born outside these two AOs.  All of us could trace our roots back to Brown Shorts and Gluten who were in attendance.

What a blessing it is to be among such great men!

12th Man

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