Huddled Under the Bridge

  • Workout Date - 05/15/2014
  • Q In Charge - Domer Simpson
  • The PAX - Satisfry,  DollyWood,  Latka, Stewie, Clowney, Winslow,  Domer Simpson
  • AO -

YHC Stood alone wondering if it was going to be a 1 man beatdown as the last minutes ticked away before 6 more faithful broke the bondage of the fartsack to post in the drizzley gloom for a minimal running down painment.

Warm Up

30 ssh
20 mountain climbers
25 IW
15 Merkins
20 high knee jumps
10 Burpies

Mosey to the Wyche Pavillion down by the river.

The Thang

10MOM up front Mary deserves more than waiting around for us at the end of the work out.  YHC felt we have been neglecting her lately.

15 recliners 45 sec plank
20 Russian twists 45 second plank
10 sprinters 45 second plank –thank you Pinterest
15 flutter claps 45 second plank
10 left side crunches 45 second plank
10 right side crunches 45 second plank

11s Dips and Derkins

Mosey under the main street bridge down by the river…

11s Squats and Modified Pull-ups using the handrails

3 x balls2wall walkup – starting in the merkin starting position with feet against the wall, push backwards while moving your feet up the wall till you achieve full balls to the wall contact.  Then walk it back down to the starting position.  – attempt to control movements for the full burn.

30 seconds in The People’s chair
Rinse and repeat 2 more times.

Mosey back to peace center for COT.  Time flies when your having fun.


-ROF or COH tomorrow 0515-0615 Riverside Middle School.  If you haven’t come out yet, you need to, Unless you can’t handle it.  In which case, we understand, you probably can’t handle it #sadclownreasoning

-Saturday we are still supporting Spartanburg, if you can get out it will be appreciated.

-Powdersville / Easley AO is on the horizon.  Good time to start EHing.

-F3 Olympics – Saturday May 31st, 1400. .The Irish Pub.  Table Tennis, Corn Hole, Darts, Volleyball, etc.

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