How to rescue your Battle Buddy

  • Workout Date - 04/09/2015
  • Q In Charge - Seal
  • The PAX - Hook & Ladder, Gluten, Quaker, Tea Bag, Reflector, Lincoln Log, Youkillis, Boomhauer, Brown Shorts, Frog Woi, Cabin Fever, Gut Shot, Slug, and YHC
  • AO -

The forecast was for showers a and potential ‘rest day’ for those participating in the mother of all mud runs in three days. Neither of those things occurred at the Powderkeg, where 14 men braved a Q from YHC. It was forewarned that the pain was going to be delivered. None heeded that warning and pushed forward with intestinal fortitude. These guys were jacked! But alas, we were looking at an odd number of guys. Only 13 at this point. Someone’s going to have to pull a lot of weight.


SSH x20 IC

IW  x20 IC  (What’s this? The 14th man rolled in on two wheels! Thanks for making things even Gluten)

Mountain Climbers x11 er x20???  IC (#mumblechatter from Hook and Ladder triying his best to throw off Q’s count!)

Monkey humpers x20   IC, feel the burn!



Took PAX on a decent mosey through the course. Reminded them to pay close attention to the colors of the chem-lights at each station. 6 stations in all, a good 250 yards between most of them. At end of course they divided into two man teams by a count-off and were given their new missions. Quaker was the lucky man that got to be my teammate. He claimed I “selected” him by putting myself in the correct line up to draw his number. Perhaps….. I do enjoy punishing him for some weird reason. We had to go off road to find our wounded Battle Buddies (50 lb bags of whole corn) that were piled up at the retention pond. Each team took one Battle Buddy and had to evac him (or her for Boomhauer’s sorry ass private that failed her mission) to the Rally point indicated. A color of the chem-lights at any given Rally point would be called out by YHC, and teams had to get their wounded comrades to the correct colored RP. This was met with a ton of enthusiastic mumblechatter! Go time!

Teams ran to different colored stations at first, then figured out that YHC had the course memorized and waited for my lead. So being the sneaky Q, I lead them astray. Or tried, Hook & Ladder was on to my rouse and called the PAX and led them to a closer AO. So I threw them an audible. At this station, each team had to drag their wounded Battle buddy up the hill to the LZ to be evac’d. Keep your heads down and high crawl! So much for staying off the knees, Brown Shorts! On the second round of this station coming up, we pulled our buddies into a hot LZ. So we drug his/her sorry ass back down the hill and hauled it to the next Rally point. Periodically we would throw in some mountain climbers and mericans while waited for rest of group to arrive.

At next to last station, YHC audible a mission change. We now had to daisy chain our Battle Buddies to the next AO by handing each of them off to the man on our left. Just like sandbags, only heavier. Halfway there, about face and work that right side. All Battle Buddies made it intact. One last dash with our buddies to the SF for some Mary.

10 MOM:

PAX piled up the buddies, like they were done with them. NOT!

40 mericans by one team member while the other does 40 bench presses with Battle Buddy. Then trade off, rinse and repeat. (Brutal!)

It was made mention that this was not Mary at all. YHC explained that this was Seal’s warp and twisted idea of of Mary.

40 air presses by one team member while the other does 40 curls with Battle Buddy. Trade off, rinse and repeat. (arms are smoked)

6 minutes left. Flutterkicks x20 IC , Heels to heaven x20 IC, Geronimos til the clock expired (WOW, that hurt).


Mud Run this weekend. YHC is pumped. Thank you Brown Shorts for stepping up as emergency fill-in.

Need Qs for SOS.

Praises for Gluten’s mom successful pacemaker installation

Prayers for Boomhauer’s sis-in-law

Praises for Brown Short’s bro-in-law and road to recovery

Prayer’s for my student that is seeking answers and a better relationship with his children.

See you at the Mud Run. Over and Out.



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