How do YOU celebrate your birthday?

  • Workout Date - 10/29/1977
  • Q In Charge - Radar
  • The PAX - The Little Apple (aka Hard Hat), Banjo, Castaway, Schneider, Joe Dirt, Slap Chop, Stewart Smalley, Posh Spice, Punkin spice, Earthmover, Ice Man, FNG Slurpee (Kenneth Cosgrove), Zip It, Ricky Bobby, Amelia, Radar
  • AO -

I celebrate by attempting to destroy my shoulders and induce merlot with smurpees.  Is that not normal?

Welcome to F3, Slurpee!  It was driving me crazy all morning because I swear I knew a Ken Cosgrove.  Then I realized it was the character on Mad Men and we missed a potential naming opportunity (Peggy, Joan, Sally, or Meg – not Don Draper of course)  But I digress.

The PAX were out in force today, and everyone did an awesome job with a pretty difficult workout.

It should also be mentioned that Slap Chop arrived a full minute before 5:30. This was unusual.

Let’s begin.


Arm circles (front and back) X 20 IC
Herkins? (down, hold for 3 count, up = 1) X 10 IC


Remember when we used to work out in the grass at The Burbs?  Pepperidge Farm remembers.  Mosey to the little patch of grass by the road (the one with the shovel flag in it, not the 3 foot triangle patch next to it Posh) and circle up.

Round One
Jack Webb (1 merkin + 4 air presses, 2 merkins + 8 air presses, etc.) to 10 and 40…then back down.  This was not pleasant.

Take a lap around the church.

Round Two
Smurpees (4 smurf jacks + 1 burpee, 8 smurf jacks + 2 burpees, etc.) to 20 and 5
This was less pleasant than round one.

Take a lap around the church.

Round Three
Diamond Merkin Circle of Suck (everyone plank and one-by-one do a max set of diamond merkins then back to plank until all are finished)

16 PAX proved to be challenging, and Banjo can rep out some diamonds (Respect!)

Mosey to the stairs and partner up…

Partner 1 – Joe Hendricks
Partner 2 – People’s Chair until partner 1 completes his Joe
flapjack and repeato

Partner 1 – Joe Hendricks
Partner 2 – Flutters until partner 1 completes his Joe
flapjack and repeato

There were supposed to be pull ups here but we ran out of time.


There were some freddie mercury, one-leg erectors, and we planked a little during the workout so it was sufficient.

Jailbreak back to the circle


-Prayers for Banjo’s son Joey on the mission field in Ethiopia
-Continue to support Gideon’s House
-Knoxville expansion 11/20, see Earthmover to help out.
-Look for details coming on a possible F3 Christmas Party


See you in the gloom…


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