House of PAIN!!!

  • Workout Date - 09/28/2022
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -
15 PAX rolled out of the fart sack and ignored the unusually cold May temperatures to post at Legacy.  Do Re Mi and Stagecoach were honored to make the trek from Charlotte to lead the group.
Warmup: Short mosey to find a flat piece of grass (mission failed as we ended up on a slope).
  • SSH x 28
  • Psquat (perfect squat) x 20
  • Imperial Walker x 26
  • Perkins (perfect merkin) x 15
  • 1 legged Burpees x 5 R/L
DRM’s house of PAIN:
  • Partner up and rotate thru stations
    • Hair-burners with 45 lb. sand bags on sleds. #crowdpleaser
    • Dips
    • SSH with bricks
    • Squat thrusts with bricks
    • Russian twists with bricks
    • 1 arm KB rows
    • 2 hand KB swings
    • Kayak row with 35 lb. slosh tubes
  • Rinse and repeat
Extended Mary:
  • Dolly x 20 then hold ’em 6″
  • Flutter x 20 then hold ’em 6″
  • Plank with shoulder taps x 20
  • Cumberland County Viaducts (CCV) x 13 R/L
Jack Webb ladder up to 10 merkins/40 air presses – #secondcrowdpleaser
CORE Indian Crawl:
  • Bear crawl and plank
  • Bear crawl and squats
  • Plank walk and Stationary Lunges
  • Dragon walk and Burpees
Slow jog to find some wall:
  • People’s chair x 60 sec.
  • Wall plank (keep it as horizontal as possible) x 20 sec. – #thirdcrowdpleaser
  • Wall mountain climbers x 10
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Great to see 15 guys post this morning
  • Welcome to the 3 FNG’s – hope you enjoyed the workout and post again soon
  • YHC audibled to the wall work instead of the planned Burpee Jacobs ladder
  • We even had a Fort Mill pax, Beacon, join us today
  • There was a little, but not too much #mumblechatter today
  • Keep EH’ing your buddies to come out to F3 Greenville.
  • More CLT QIC’s are lined up for the next 7 weeks and really looking forward to bringing the #PAIN to the Greenville Pax.
  • Sign ups are going on now for the Oct. Leatherneck mud rud ( – you have 5 months to train for it
  • See One Direction or Ice Man for info on other upcoming events

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