Hot Yoga

  • Workout Date - 03/25/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - WeedWacker, Houdini, Sloppy Jalopy, PETA, SpongeBob, Epee, HomewardBound, Soup, Iceman
  • AO -

So Spongebob goes on and on and on about #hotyoga. How great it is. That he loves the smell of sweaty bodies in a non-vented environment. While Spongy is trying to EH guys for #hotyoga, his attempts are having the opposite affect. YHC has never tried yoga and not sure that I will. What does that have to do with the workout – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Except it was hot as sweaty balls out there this morning.

9 men posted at the Early Edition #MainThang. YHC teased an easy workout on twitter. You be the judge…

The Thang

SSH x15
Derkins x12
Prison squats x15
Alternating Plank / Down and hold

Mosey to the steps at The Lazy Goat

Burpee 4 corners (corner 1 – top of steps, corner 2 – run under the breezeway to top of steps, corner 3 – bottom of steps, corner 4 – bottom of steps at LG)
partner up
P1 – 5 burpees at ea corner
P2 – 10 plank shoulder touches, 10 ct down and hold, 10 plank jacks – repeato until P1 returns, then flapjack
rinse and repeat

Mosey to the steps at High Cotton
20 lunges at the bottom, jump squat up steps, 20 diamond merkins at top, at bottom 20 lbc 2.0 (early finishers continue until everyone is finished)
Repeato with side lunges, Derkins, Russian twists
Repeato with reverse lunges, LarryCraig, Freddy mercs

Mosey across the Bridge Over the River Reedy
Partner up using the rails
P1 supine PU’s x10
P2 holds P1’s feet while in squat
flapjack and repeato

Mosey to Wyche Pavilion
Peoples chair x1min
Dragon Flags x20

AYG back to the #VSF

– @Soup #cropdusted us all workout. Because it wasn’t hard enough to breath with 75* temps and 80% humidity. So hot, @Soup said his ears were sweating.
– @Epee must crave pain. He’s in full on #beastmode every time I see him anymore.
– @Houdini loathes SSH so much that he timed his arrival to avoid them. #refusenik
– @SloppyJalopy was an FNG on a frigid morning last winter and just came back from an extended absence on the hottest week of the year. #Kotters #extremes
– #Tclaps to @HomewardBound. He’s lost weight and posts all the time. However, still having trouble getting him to talk much during the workout.

– Convergence this Sat for the new AO – Pitchfork (Oakview Elementary) 0700. Spread the word and get FNG’s there.
– #BRR training in full swing. Plenty of workout groups focused on running and hills.

Prayer Requests
– Prayers for the victims and families of the shooting in Charleston

Always a pleasure. See ya in the gloom…..


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