Hot Meatloaf and a 4-Iron

  • Workout Date - 04/07/2016
  • Q In Charge - Jacob Dickman is 34 years old
  • The PAX - Houdini, FNG Fratastic (Sponge), Iceman, People Eating Tainty Animals, Stewie, Dinghy, Crisco
  • AO -

7 flesh-sculpting exercisers are gonna be getting the nod from the M for jelly time tonight….

Gloom Observations – Not nearly as moist as I anticitainted, Stewie looked like he had been rode hard last night #butterchurning.  Spongeworthy thought we were KA pledges so he invited us all to $1 draft night at the Drive game.  Ice not only touches all AO’s in the Upstate, he shows love to the Seattle crew too.  I wish I was at the dinner table when Dinghy explained his name to the M.  PETA getting his grove back, #kotters to Crisco.  I rode the struggle bus to my Q, showing up two minutes late and winded like a fat kid battling recess…

This should be close to what actually happened:

Warm up:
SSH X 0 / IW X 0

The Taint:

MOSEY  toward Liberty – This is when I made the ask regarding any FNGs, and *DISCLAIMED NOTHING

Pulled up to darkest corner of the Wyche Parking deck for LBCs X40/ FM X40 / Flutters X40


Sun Trust Plaza for LBCs X40 / FM X40 / Flutters X40 / Derkins X10


Spring Street Deck:

MCs X 20 & Merkins X10 every level all the way up

**At the top, I bragged about my first trip to The Masters (BIG thanks to THE Hard Hat) and the angry Dutch Oven I manufactured via a plethora of Egg Salad, Pimento Cheese & O’Douls

Lunge Walks X20 & Squats X30 all the way down

Ascending Curb crawl X8 in alley


Back to SunTrust & repeat previous core work + Dips X30

Dips X30 at the PC to wrap it all up

Naked Moleskin:

HOG Day coming up

Sponge will eventually get around to rescheduling the Millennium Deuceable – See Aloha for shirts

We did business


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