Hot for the Teacher

  • Workout Date - 12/08/2022
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - Flay, TBC, Squintz, Sanchez, Ashley, Homeward Bound, Double Aught, Montross, Semper, Aflac, Rusty, Cataract
  • AO -

It’s been ages since YHC has been at the Tankyard.  After Flay was gracious enough to Q Main Thang, the least I could do is return the favor and substitute Q.  No movies to be shown men.  Class is in session…..

SSH X 20
IW X 15
Superman Merkins X 10

Mosey to Burlington Coat Factory parking lot

The Thang
There are conveniently 12 light posts evenly placed in 2 parallel lines of 6….

Route 66
Run to post 1 – 1 Burpee
Run to post 2 – 2 Burpees
Run to post 3 – 3 Burpees
Yadda yadda yadda
Loop around until Post 12 – 12 Burpees
(Total of 78 Burpees….You forgot 1 Montross)
Plank until all are finished

Repeato in Reverse with Superman Merkins instead of Burpees
#shoulders #Flaywantstogohome

Big Boy Situps until all are finished

Now that shoulders are SMOKED…

Duck walk from post 1-2
Run from post 2-3
Bear Crawl from post 3-4
Run from post 4-5
Duck walk from 5-6

Introduction of yoga pose “Chair” for 1 minute….I mean 45 seconds cause this sucks

Sprint from post 1-3
Run from 3-4
Sprint from 4-6

Big Boy Situps X 15
Backwards Crunches X 10
Russian Twists X 15 SLOW CADENCE
Flutters X 15 X SLOW CADENCE
Dying(dead) cockroach X 15 SLOW CADENCE

Mosey back to the flags
…During Mary there was a complaint of not doing enough Superman Merkins…
Superman Merkins X 20


Naked Moleskin
– Christmas Party on 12/12.  RSVP, Pay, and come have a blast
– Regardless of attendance to Christmas Party, please vote for annual awards (link in pre-blast/emails)
– Tommy Ham House 12/24 run (can donation as entry)…it’s not a race Hootie
– #Deuceable on 12/18 @ 5AM (6K with painstations each mile)….No lies here, it’s going to sucks
– Shirt orders for the #deuceable due today (12/8).  The design is breathtaking
– Praise for Lilly and the miracle she’s been blessed with #believe #F*%!cancer
– Prayers for Wyatt who has to decide between Clemson and College of Charleston for School but also has to have surgery on a re-injured Shoulder
– It’s the time of the year to give back….do a Random Act of Kindness…if you want motivation, know that Ashley has set the bar HIGH and certainly putting himself 3rd

Final thoughts:  I needed this visit to another AO.  I’ve been restricting myself to Main Thang on Tues and Thurs and have missed out on the amazing workouts around town.  The Tankyard Boys came to Play today.  I tried to throw some awful stuff at them, and they took it, chewed it up, and spit it out like yesterday’s jerky.  #GETBETTER

1 thought on “Hot for the Teacher”

  1. In spite of my grumbling all throughout, this was great. We really need to go off campus more often. Happy to see Ashely hitting the rewind machine to practice his mandolin skillz in the parking lot beforehand. Something tells me Chris Thiele isn’t in danger of getting usurped as the greatest picker around, but it does take me back to the olden days of the Tank.

    Route 66 will reappear, so thanks for that. come on back and see us again sometime, Sponge.

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