Hooch's Pain Game

  • Workout Date - 08/25/2015
  • Q In Charge - Hooch
  • The PAX - Johnny Five, Brail, Dr. Phil, Tedadiah, Church Lady, M.O., Obama, Thumper, Whisper, Hockey Lot, Hulk Smash, Soccer, Mom, Pretty Lovin’ Guy, Affordable Care Act, Grand Slam, ATM, Bambi, Cool Breeze, Candy Striper, 3rd Base, Hooch
  • AO -

Warm up –

x20 side straddle hops

x20 hillbilly

x20 ‘mercans


Workout –

Everyone was dealt 2 playing cards.  We went around the circle playing one card at a time.  Hearts was for burpees because we love them so much.  Diamonds for diamond ‘mercans.  Clubs for lunges.  Spades for squats.  To determine how many reps, we ignored the face value and instead rolled two big, pink, fluffy dice and multiplied the numbers together.  Any combination with the number 6 meant we had to run a lap.  It was a little difficult for some to catch on the fact that we were multiplying at first, but once a few cards were played people caught on and we were on a roll…

Following everyone’s 2 cards we still had time for Mary and did an assortment of ab exercises.  These included the famous LBC, plank-jacks, flutters, big boy sit-up, American hammer, and a classic from Charlotte, the pickle pounder.

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