Homage to the Groundhog

  • Workout Date - 02/06/2015
  • Q In Charge - 00 (Double Aught)
  • The PAX - Domer Simpson, Floppy, 00
  • AO -

There’s not much you can do to compete with the Drifter. However, YHC notes that the Drifter is actually on Saturday, with the Crucible on Friday. There really is no direct scheduling conflict. Yet for some reason, many chose the sack. Three got better.

YHC also gives credit to GCOD for helping stir the ideas that led to today’s Crucible. Would have told him the same in person, except GCOD only comes to the Crucible when he Qs.

In a weird and accurate sense of foreshadowing, as we were waiting to see if anyone else would make it out of the sack, Domer commented that we do not do enough pullups (we will today) and burpees (yes, sir).

Today, 3 men met at the Starbucks, ran to the Liberty Bridge and engaged in a juxtaposition of exercise. A short circuit, run to Infinity. Run under the Liberty Bridge, 10 pullups, up the stairs, and then across the bridge. 10 burpees on the far side of the bridge. Run the bridge. Down the stairs, 10 pullups. Up the stairs, across the bridge, 10 burpees. You get the idea. Repeato until time was called. The bridge is about .07 mile long. So to complete the movie comparison, today was a cross between Short Circuit and Groundhog Day. Floppy counted 170 burpees and 170 pullups. So that was about 34 times across the bridge. It was gloriously stupid.

As we trekked up the stairs, after 50 minutes of ridiculousness, Domer asks, “Hey is anyone in a hurry? Let’s run a couple of miles.” And so we did.

For the first time in recorded history, YHC awarded himself the VT. After the run, Domer and YHC met for coffee where much sharing, hilarity and raconteuring took place.

Enjoy the Drifter, sackers.

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