Holler…Hermie's Holler

  • Workout Date - 08/18/2016
  • Q In Charge - Hermie
  • The PAX - Bunyan, Snip-it, Gipetto, Beamer, Semper, White Walker, Rusty, Hermie
  • AO -

8 men rolled out of the sack, ignored the humidity, and posted at the tankyard to see what Hermie had in store.
SSH #50
IW #50
Mosey to the edge of the park. 20 ‘merkins. Line up for indian run to the holler (previously known as Hermie’s holler) via “scenic route” though the streets of Gower. Every time Q made it to the front of the line, we “paused” for 20 (or 15) ‘merkins. 5 sets later we found ourselves at the base of the steep exit ramp in Hermie’s Holler.

Let’s get after some 7’s- “merkins at the bottom, sprint up, air squats at the top (thank you, Rusty, for the suggestion), plank up.

Mosey over to the short wall.
40 dips, 40 calf raises
across the lot and back
30 dips, 30 calf raises
across the lot and back
20 dips, 20 calf raises
across the lot and back
plank up.

Mosey back over to the base of the exit for some dealers choice. Each of the 8 called an exercise for the others to carry out while he ran to the top of the exit ramp and back down. These included ‘merkins, mtn climbers, russian twist, big boys, squat press, freddy mercury, Bunyan snow angels, and a few more. It was so fun, we rinsed and repeated. Highlights included Bunyan chattering, in between grunts, about changing the name of the holler to Hermies homo holler. The group decided against this for a myriad of reasons.

Mosey back to holler “non scenic route” Stop at the walking track to lunge walk “to the shadow” Q didn’t realize the closer you got to the shadow, the more the shadow disappeared. Life lesson right there, fellas-

With under 10 minutes left, Hermie was compelled to make a quick pit stop at the monkey bars to remind the boys that they were there and always an option as part of the workout. 20 pull ups carried out in the sets of your choice but when you get tired get out of the way so others can jump in.

mosey to the tennis court for Mary

Dealers choice for MOM- 6″, LBC’s Freddy mercury, SNow Angels- and…. out of time. Good one, boys-

Good to be back with the fellas.
Gipetto- next 5 years
Beamer- loving his new bride
Group- pursuing our wives and kids
Semper- School

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