Hit the Bricks

  • Workout Date - 05/26/2016
  • Q In Charge - Slap Chop
  • The PAX - Longbottom, Arnold, Slap Chop
  • AO -

3 massively-ripped bros hit the bricks at the ‘Burbs to prepare for the Memorial Day convergence. To wit:


SSH x 15

Slow-count merkins x 8

Enough, let’s party

Deck of Death

Mosey to the brick pallet and snag two bricks each. Because we passed the pullup bars we had to pay the toll (5 pullups each time you pass them). Arnold complained about the bountiful shrubbery, Longbottom complained about the height of the pullup bars and YHC complained about the PAX complaining. Onward!

Circle up in the parking lot and stack your bricks on top of each other. Out comes the Deck of Death (a pack of cards). Hearts are merkins with left hand on the bricks, diamonds are merkins with right hand on the bricks, spades are sideways jumps over the bricks and clubs are front/back jumps over the bricks. Halfway through we hit our first “Joker Hendricks” and ran down to the stairs to pay our dues. Not going to lie to you folks – it was pretty tough. About 200 merkins, an equal number of jumps and two rounds of Joe added up to a tough cycle.

Then we split the deck in half and went through the larger half with hearts being overhead press, diamonds being shoulder raise, clubs being squats and spades being lunges.

Run to put the bricks back and pay the tolls along the way, and then finish with some slow-count oblique LBCs.


Reminders about Memorial Day Convergence, Dirtalope and F3 dads.

Prayers for Longbottom’s sister and dad as they struggle with some health issues.

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