Himalayan Climbathon and the Three Stages of F3

  • Workout Date - 12/10/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sherpa
  • The PAX - Sandiago, Youklis, Inspector Gadget, Spongebob, Caliendo, GutShot, Stitch, Soul Plane, No Strings Attached, Garth Bieber, Stewie, Clapper, 501, NIT, Holla, Domer Simpson, Handy Mandy, Iceman, Double Windsor, Caviar, Footloose, FNG MAMIL, Flay, Sherpa
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I’ve noticed it seems there are three stages to a man’s development in F3. Maybe more but I’m a simple guy. Might be similar to 3 stages to life…
Stage 1, Newbie: “I needed to get in shape, and my work buddy has been bugging me about this crazy workout thing in the park early in the morning. One day I got the courage to get up early enough to join him, mainly to get him off my back.”
Stage 2, Results: This is where you’ve been coming for a while and realize it really works when you commit to showing up. You are starting to adjust to an early morning routine, and starting to see great results from losing weight to feeling more energy in life and starting to “get it.” The reason you keep coming back is because there’s something different about this workout group. The guys there really care about you, and you’re not quite sure why they do. But it makes a difference, and you notice.
Stage 3, Leadership: This is the stage where you begin to realize that the reason these guys care about you is because they are there to serve. They’re not there just to get in shape. They are there for a bigger purpose. Brotherhood. Fellowship. Faith. To make a difference. In the community, in their homes, in you. And that has started to rub off on you, and you want to be that for other men, and in your home, your business, your church. So you begin to lead by serving, giving, sacrificing yourself. For the good of the others.
Today, YHC had the privilege of working out with a bunch of you who have impacted me through your service. Thank you.
The Scoop:
  • Run Around the Rosie: a Kathmandu original. Run in a circle, high knees, butt kicks, side shuffles, etc. (at this point there was an overabundance of mumble chatter I could tell there was some nervousness)
  • 10 Squats
  • 10 Merkins
  • Round of Mountain Climbers to get us ready
Grab a brick or 2 for most guys and mosey to the parking garage. It was the highest mountain around, but no Everest unfortunately.
  • Shoulder presses
  • Walk the Line: take a line, real or imaginary and 30 seconds each of the following: left leg hops over line, right leg hops, pushup walks, army crawlers, plank
  • Jacob’s Ladder: start at bottom of stairs, run to top, 1 Burpee, back to bottom, 7 squats, back up, 2 Burpees, all the way to 7 Burpees with 7 Perfect Squats at bottom each time. It started to feel HOT here
  • Plankorama at the bottom lead by Spongebob
Mosey back. PAX started to think they were lucky and running was over. It was, but the Mountain Climbers began.
  • Kathmandu Marathon – 26 MC’s triple count, 4 brick overhead presses, modified to 31 MC’s double count, 8 presses, 31/12, 31/16, etc. up to 26 presses. Modified and did 50 MC’s a few times in honor of Wilson’s 50 miler.
  • Guys started to fall off the wagon so round of core:
    • Nepali Twists (Russian Twists with bricks)
    • Overhead presses
    • Perfect Squats
    • Merkins
    • LBC’s
    • Big Boy Pushups with Bricks (BBPUWB as they say)
Welcome to FNG Ben, Middle Aged Man In Lycra (MAMIL)
F3 Christmas party this Saturday, 12/12.
Prayer and opportunity for new group reaching out to men who are battling addiction.
Prayer for brothers in Nepal as they are still rebuilding the country. My wife and I are returning in January.

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