Hill of Tears and Wall of Pain at K-Vegas – Partners required!

  • Workout Date - 08/15/2015
  • Q In Charge - wojo & Daphne
  • The PAX - Defib, Splash, Gunny, Kay, Stretch, Sacked, Ink Spot (War Daddy), Heisenberg, Buck, Agent Carter (FNG Larry Fox), Angler, Dr. Quinn (FNG Brian Smith), Goofy, Sanford (FNG Chris Pardue), Saucy, Wilson, Woodstock (FNG Greg Beason), Tuke (FNG Paul Proctor), Rack (FNG Marshall Coleman), Spicoli, Candidate, Sprinkler (FNG Matthew David Hunter), Crank Bait, Blue Hen, Fizzy, Epstein, Pierre, Shakespeare, Vader (War Baby), Nancy, Wing Nut (representing F3 Greenville, SC), Quicken, Wide Left, I Beam, Stinky Cheese, LYnda, Daphne (Q), Wojo (Q)
  • AO -

The Wheels on the Short Bus from #Natville went ’round and ’round to Kernersville for the second week of the F3 K-Vegas launch.  38 Pax, including 7 FNGs ranging in age from 8 to 61 from as far away as New Hampshire showed up at Beeson Park for their #dailyredpill #sufferfest. What follows was not for the faint of heart!

After today, I’d say the men of K-Vegas are ready for Cobra and his cooler!

Mosey 1 lap around the parking lot and down the path to the upper soccer field.

Warm O Rama-

  • 15 SSH IC
  • 10 Body Builder Burpees IC
  • 15 Carolina Dry Docks IC
  • 15 Sun Gods (forward/reverse IC… no recover into 15 Chinooks IC (till it hurts)
  • 15 Copper Head Squats IC

It did not take long for the mumblechatter to start as Fizzy called out Daphne during the Body Builders for leaving out the pushup.  Daphe’s response: “Don’t let the short bus fool you…we’re not that smart!”

The PAX divided into 2 somewhat equal lines and executed a Double Applesauce Indian Run around the upper soccer field, crossed the field to pick up the 6, then down the hill to the lower soccer fields to the main event… (#Sufferfest)

The Thang:  Partner up because nobody like to cry alone…. 

Part I-

Partner A begins exercise while Partner B sprints to red cone drops and does 5 Burpees and returns to relieve Partner A (Rinse & Repeat) until said exercise has been completed…

  • 100 Squats
  • 200 Merkins
  • 300 LBC’s

Part II-

All partners line up on the gravel side walk facing each other in a plank position. Each team will execute 10 Partner Merkin Handslaps and then take off to “both” complete all of the below exercises. After each individual exercise is complete each set of partners will meet back for 10 more Merkin Partner Handslaps prior to moving on to the next exercise. Rinse & Repeat until both partners have completed all of the below. One final Merkin Partner Handslap set and then plank up at side walk when complete.

Wall of Pain: 20 Dips, 20 Derkins, 20 Step ups

Hill of Tears: ( to be completed at the bottom) 10 Prisoner Get Ups (Bear Crawl back up), 10 BBB’s (Sprint back up), 10 Reverse Lunges each leg (Bear Crawl back up)

6 Minutes of Mary:

  • Body Destroyer IC X 7
  • Low Slow Flutter IC X 10 (Wilson from F3 #Natville)
  • Freddy Mercury IC X 25 (Spicoli from F3 #Dashstrong)


COT/BOM: Nancy took us out giving thanks for the day for the men gathered today, that we might use the work this morning as springboard to be better in all we do.

Naked Man Moleskin:

  • Great job today – super job on a hard workout.  Spicoli (W-S) said that generally F3 expansion workouts go at about a 70% pace.  Brother that WAS 70% #Natville stlyle!  Just kidding – this morning was clearly a case of #itlookedgoodonpaper!
  • Line of the day goes to Buck, who at Coffeeteria said, I was so tired “I was trying to drink the dew off the grass!”  That’s it Buck, way to adapt to your environment!
  • Sacked (GSO) was so discombobulated during Part II of the Thang that he was doing exercises from the Wall of Pain at the bottom of the Hill of Tears.  Reference Daphne’s quote above, although Sacked did not ride the bus…clearly he should have!
  • Kudos to Candidate, Blue Hen, Buck, Saucy, Epstein, and Crank Bait for coming back for week 2 of the K-Vegas F3 Launch. We need you guys, plus today’s now former FNGs to put the emotional headlock on your friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. to grow this thing.  It will be well worth the effort!
  • Welcome to former FNGs Agent Carter, Dr. Quinn, Sanford, Woodstock, Tuke, Rack and Sprinkler. While Tuke was visiting his brother Goofy, we hope to see the rest of you next week.
  • Welcome Wing Nut from F3 Greenville, SC to the show today.  Please post at K-Vegas or Natville anytime you are in town.
  • Please keep Hootie (F3 Greensboro brother Quentin Clement) and his family in your prayers, Hootie’s dad is at Forsyth Hospital in a fight for his life with cancer.


  • Nancy reminded the PAX about signing up for the Miles for Matthew 5k September 12th, kids and wifes count, not just men, let’s do this. Also, there will be babysitting available for $5 per family.  Wow!!  Go to the link below or just type “F3 Miles for Matthew” into Google.
  • Fizzy invited all PAX not running the BRR to join him in the Climb for Courage on 9/11 at 6 am at BB&T Field. Run 2,977 steps in memory of all who died on 9/11.  It is free to participate. Meet at Deacon Statue at 0530.
  • Coffeeteria/Breakfast at Hwy 66 Diner
  • Soccer Tournament next week at Beeson Park – space could be difficult as games will likely be starting at or even before 8 am.  Cobra will need to take this into consideration for next week’s workout.

It was truly an honor and a privilege to lead you this morning!


Wojo & Daphne

4 thoughts on “Hill of Tears and Wall of Pain at K-Vegas – Partners required!”

  1. Great Q @Wojo and @Daphne!! Your enthusiasm is contagious and the workout beat YHC down. Gonna carry some of that back to #DashPax. I truly looked #Goofy trying to do deconstructed burpees. #NotMyThang. Tclaps to FNG @Sanford for the encouragement during partner work on round one. Got that name cause he left a yard sale at his house to join the Pax. Hope you enjoyed it and keep coming back!

    Special day to have my brother visiting from NH join the pax and earn an F3 name, Tuke. #Honored #Proud #Family

  2. Great Q Wojo and Daphne. Serious beat down at a great AO. Lost my bearings for a short moment #needsomemorebodybuilders. Next time I will catch the bus.

    Aye, Sacked

  3. Solid Q, solid lead. Thanks Wojo & Daphne!

    Yes, I’m sure that looked good on paper and it was tough and the PAX got through it. No slow-roll warm up for K-Vegas! Great work all who came out. Definitely stealing that Part II combo for #Dashstrong

    Great to see F3Greensboro PAX (familiar faces and not) in slightly better climate conditions. Fantastic community.

    Until next time…

  4. T-claps @Wojo and @Daphne! Looks/sounds like a #smokefest. YHC has his work cut out for him this Saturday.

    T-claps to the K-Vegas guys. Keep it going and get those EHs!

    T-claps to the Nat’Ville and W-S crew. #GiveItAway

    See everyone on Saturday. Make sure to wear your #BigBoyPants – we’ll be breaking through limitations we set for ourselves.


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