Hey! You know where the Wal-Mart is?!

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  • Workout Date - 06/30/2016
  • Q In Charge - ATM
  • The PAX - Lookout Below, Pet Stain, Road Trip, The Commodore (respect!), Lite Brite, Bambi, Third Base, Thumper, Short Barrel, Gymboree (respect!), Pastrami (hate!), ATM (YHC)
  • AO -

Who says we don’t have excitement in the suburbs of the ’81?! As 12 pax circled up at the Tower of Terror, we had a visitor who had been “walking all night” and was now looking for the Wal-Mart. She proceeded to tell us a little about her son who was in the military, but most of what she said was incoherent. After giving her more attention than she really deserved, we moved into the workout. TCLaps to @Thumper, @LookoutBelow, @ShortBarrel, @LiteBright, and @ThirdBase for getting some ruck miles in pre-workout. #teamspearhead #pathfinder #YHCsmartsackedtheruck

Disclaimer (talking over our visitor!)
Warm up – SSH x 20 IC, Merkins x 20, Plankjacks x 20 IC

Thang – Lazy DORA. Partner up. Pax 1 starts on exercises, while pax 2 holds a static position. Switch after prescribed reps. 150 hand release merkins while pax 2 holds plank. Switch every 15. 250 LBCs while pax 2 holds 6 inches (or just keeps feet off ground). Switch every 25. 350 squats while pax 2 holds AL Gore. Switch every 35. Finish with the 6.

Thang 2 – circle up for some old friends Jack Webb and Lt. Dan. Jack Webb (1/4 ratio of merkins and air presses) up to 7/28. Lt. Dan (1/2 ratio of squats and lunges) up to 7/14. Back to Jack Webb to finish 8/32, 9/36, and 10/40. Back to Lt. Dan to finish 8/16, 9/18, 10/20.

Mary – Flutters and BBSU.

NMM – TClaps to Road Trip who was FNG on Saturday and has posted 3/4 days this week. TCLaps to @ShortBarrel and @Thumper who joined YHC wearing our rucks during this 0.0. TClaps to all the guys – 0.0 and “lazy” Dora does not mean easy!

Annc – 0530 at TOT on Independence Day – Third Base is Q. Red White and Blue 5K on Monday at 0800. Johnson City launch on 7/9.

P/P – @LiteBrite’s cousin – pneumonia and leukemia. @Bambi – grandfather hospice.

SYITG next time men. Always a pleasure,

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