Hey Nineteen!

  • Workout Date - 05/19/2015
  • Q In Charge - One Direction
  • The PAX - Duchess, Latka, Longbottom, Earthmover, Debit, Pledge, Holla, Garth Bieber, Handy Manny, Punkin Spice, Posh Spice, Houdini, Scuba Steve, Maverick, GCOD, Domer, Hootie, San Diago, Trycycle, Phil Dunphy, SpongeBob, One Direction, Bill Nye, Mab Mab, Wingnut, Pita, Soul Plane, Weed Whacker, Denied, Double Windsor, Homeward Bound, Mustang Sally, & Stewie
  • AO -

33 shuffled up to the PC for, what promised to be, a trip down Memory Lane, courtesy of YHC.  GCOD gets T-Claps for the Twitter Recruitment; guys seemed to be coming out of the woodwork with seconds to spare.  Today’s Workout Title pays homage to the great Steely Dan……Wait, that’s not the reason!



Warmup was real original with SSH x 19 and IWs x 19.  Hey Nineteen!

Partner up and mosey to the Amphitheater for Joe Hendricks #2 (Plank on the wall while partner bunny hops over the six then reverse crawls under the justifiers) to 10 then flapjack.

Mosey over the wooden bridge to the OOBE stairs.  If you did’t know, OOBE the Company, stands for “Out of Bible Experience”, but what we encountered was an old fashioned Out of BODY Experience.  Burped Builders to 10 at the Peak with 1 Burpee each time at the base.  Recover at the Peak when done. That’s 65 for those of you at home, fartsacking!

Mosey back across the bridge and head to the Soby’s parking LOOP.  Partner up again.  This time for:

Dora 0.5, 1, 1.5 (50 Burpees, 100 Merkins, 150 Squats while partner runs up and over the LOOP).  This was originally 200 squats but Sponge Bob inspired the audible because 1.5 sounds cooler and YHC was smoked!  While the PAX finishes up, hold 6″ for various 10 & 15 counts with 5 count recovery in between.

Regroup with Houdini and Duchess up front for mosey back to the PC.  JAILBREAK at Main St.

Because 6MOM is for pus@@*s, 19 Burpees OYO!  Hey Nineteen.

Cool Down the way we started.  SSH x 19 and IWs x 19 because Scuba Steve insisted!



  • YHC was humbled at the turnout.  It sure was awesome to be back in the ol stomping grounds again.  Thanks for having me.
  • Duchess is not just a runner.  Out front all morn.
  • Burpees SUCK!  That’s why we do them #forpadre
  • Not very much Mumble which I take as a good sign #smoked
  • T-Claps to Tricycle for being my Administrative Assistant (as someone pointed out).  He recorded the names for me, as he had his phone with him #happysecretaryday
  • Happy May 19th.  Hey Nineteen!!


  • Leadership Forum, Wednesday May 20th, Barley’s Upstairs.  Come if you want to get your hands dirty within F3.  No gloves required for this one.
  • Prayers for Pledge (and more-so, Riley) as they continue to navigate the closing on their first house…..all around a wedding on June 6th.
  • 1D’s Jackalope Video is up on YouTube (search Jackalope 2015).  Caution if watching with 2.0s as the DriveBy Shorts make multiple appearances.  Hopefully, Alfred’s version will be rated G.



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