Hey Joe and other stupid stuff

  • Workout Date - 02/02/2023
  • Q In Charge - Uncle Remus
  • The PAX - Pacer, Fun Run, Mud Puppy, Grit, Teddy Bear, Toe Jam, Spaceballs (FNG), Epee, Uncle Remus (YHC)
  • AO -

9 PAX ignored frost warnings & headed out to Falls Park for a #Matinee beatdown.


SSH x20

IW X20


The Thang:

Dead Chief Indian Run – up sidewalk to River St.,

turn right, over bridge, turn right, end at TD stage


Over/Under Escalator:

Partner up – PAX one starts the down part of a hand release Merkin

PAX two jumps over PAX one

PAX one completes Merkin ending in a Downward Dog pose

PAX two does a Joe Hendricks under partner

Switch positions – repeat steps

Both partners do one box jump

Repeat adding one rep to each exercise up to 5 each


Mosey to steps leading up to Peace Center:

Joe Hendricks to the top of the steps –

plank at top until everyone is at top

15 jump squats OYO



Mosey to sidewalk by shelter:

Partner up (same partners) – PAX one low plank

partner does suicide – far end of stage back to near end back to far end back to start

tag partner and switch positions




Squat Sally Up


Mosey to shelter

All PAX line up in a row & start OYO LBCs while:

First PAX in line runs to stairs and does two Merkins at the bottom of the steps, moves hands to next step – two Merkins – repeat until they reach the top step, one Merkin per step on the way down.

After two PAX have completed sets of Merkins the rest of the PAX switch to Merkins.  After one PAX finishes I realize I might be a bit shoulder-centric and switch to lunges.  Two more PAX complete sets of Merkins, switch to wall sit.  Two more PAX finish sets of Merkins – switch to reverse LBCs until all finished.

Dead Chief Indian run back on reverse route from start.

No time for MOM – done.


Welcome new FNG Spaceballs!

Brewruck – 1/23/16 – Starts at 12pm from McPherson Park in Downtown G’ville.  Entry fee is a ruck full of canned goods.  You can buy a patch for $10 – money goes directly to tip bartenders at the breweries/pubs along the way.  Canned food donations will be going to Harvest Hope Food Bank in Greenville.  See Epee or Data for details.

Hero 5k– 1/30/2016 – Furman University 9am

Drifter 6k – 2/6/2016 – Conastee Nature Park – 9am.  Coupon code “F3” vaild until 1/14 for $10 off registration.

GHS Half Marathon & 5k – Gateway Park, Travelers Rest – Half starts at 7:30.  5k starts at 8:00


Prayers for Electric City’s mother in the hospital.

Prayers for Quickie’s 2.0 in the hospital


Good show on a cold day!

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