Hermie's Ultimate Frisbee Workout (Part One of two)

  • Workout Date - 05/10/2016
  • Q In Charge - Hermie
  • The PAX - Squeal, Clapper, Aflac, White Walker, Emenim, RUsty, Foie Gras, Homeward Bound, Squince, Moonshine, Montross, Hermie
  • AO -

11 studs started the workout with no Q to be found and no idea what was in store. 5:31, the Q tears in on two wheels and makes a gametime decision…possibly the greatest ever gametime decision called at the tankyard…
Pre- Q arrival warmup:
SSH x 15
Post Q arrival warmup:
IW x 15

Mosey to Jasons Furniture parking lot, throw out some cones, and split into two teams for some modified parking lot ultimate frisbee. Same rules as regular ultimate frisbee, but when there was a change in possession (your team dropped a pass or your team had a pass broken up), the team that LOST possession dropped for four quick ‘merkins and the team that GAINED possession dropped for two quick ‘merkins. In addition, when a team scored they called the touchdown celebration exercise. These ranged from Mtn Climbers to LBC’s to big boys to ‘merkins to burpees to flutters to more.

Time flew, we were all gassed, and we moseyed back to the parking lot by the tank for Mary

MOM: The flutter 50 ct.

SKIN- Squeal- adoption- tomorrow.
Moonshine- Good word- Keep it simple and seek Jesus first- remember it’s all about Him.

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