Hermie's summer playground

  • Workout Date - 06/23/2015
  • Q In Charge - Hermie
  • The PAX - Snipit, Clapper, Cataract, TBC, Seal, Semper, Rusty, Hermie
  • AO -

8 men not afraid of the dark showed up to better themselves this am at the tank yard. Safe to say, 51 minutes later, they were better than when they arrived. Keep reading to see how it happened:

warmup when it’s already hot:
25 x SSH (4 ct)
25 x ‘Merkins- working on form
25 x IW (4 ct)
25 x ‘Merkins- working on form

mosey to playground

Dora 1-2-3
partner runs a lap around the large jungle gym stopping for two pullups at the monkey bars while you work through the exercises
100 x ‘merkins (yep…form)
200 x swerkins without the merkin (plank with feet in swing and lift knees to chest)
300 x russian twist (4 ct)

eleva…ladder with no steps
1 to 7
swerkins and pullups

mosey to tennis courts for some…
Hermies balls of fire:
14 tennis balls
2 teams of four
3 minutes
The name of the game is to keep the tennis balls on the other side of the net so when the buzzer goes off after 3 minutes, there are more balls on the other side of the net than on your team’s side. You can only carry one ball at a time. One more thing, there is no turning your back to the net, so when that ball flies over your head, you have to run backwards to the fence to get it and throw it back over. With four men covering five tennis courts, there was a lot of moving going on.

Intermission: 25 x ‘Merkins (form)

second game modification: no throwing the tennis balls, after a ball was retrieved, the carrier had to run it up to the net and roll it somewhere on the other teams court.

25 x LBC’s
25 x Mtn Climbers
25 x 6 inches and hold
25 x snow angels
25 x reverse LBC’s
25 x LBC’s on your R side
25 x LBC’s on your L side
25 x flutter
25 x 1 legged squeal R
25 x 1 legged squeal L

pray for Charleston families
pray for state reps
pray for moms of summer

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