Hermie's pushup party

  • Workout Date - 05/29/2014
  • Q In Charge - Hermie
  • The PAX - Frankenrider, Snip-it, Madaff, Sanchez, Rocky Top, Montrose, Bunyan, Dexter, Cork on a Fork, Semper, Clapper, Guvnah, Cataract, Beavis, WahWah, Wrinkle, FNG- Deliverance, T.B.C. NOTE: Flay's name is not on this list because he did not join us at the tankyard this am.
  • AO -

16 strong rolled into the gloom (on time) for an unsuspecting beatdown. #17 and #18 casually joined as we started the warmup, and #19 #frankenriderridesagain joined us as we jogged to the holler.

SSH x 21

Mosey to Holler, picking up two hefty rocks along the way

Lets get in some pushups-
start at bottom of entrance with..
10 pushups
reverse crab up the entrance “hill” (see definition by Bunyan from 5/13)
20 pushups
reverse run up the street to top of exit
30 pushups
reverse bear crawl down the exit hill
40 pushups
bear crawl up the exit hill
30 pushups
run down the street
20 pushups
crab down the entrance hill
10 pushups

partner up- #30 double count jump lunge while your partner does flutter in cadence, switch, then do it again.

Let’s do some more pushups..
rinse and repeat first pushup pyramid. AUDIBLE- pushups from yo’ knees #dontknockittilyouvetriedit

Now for the rocks… let’s dip and press, #5 dips, #5 press with rocks, #10 dips, #10 press, #15 dips, #15 press

Partner up- #30 jump lunge flutter with partner, switch

back to the rocks… dip and press #15, #10, #5

mosey back to the tennis courts

#30 Chaser LBC’s oyo
#50 flutter (thanks TBC)

-Pray for CLapper and fam. Adoption process full steam ahead. Sale of Birmingham house no steam at all.
-Pray for each other throughout the day
-Crucible partner workout, details to come
-MWF runners workout, details to come
-Powdersville launch, details to come
-Grur launch, details to come
-f3 camp 8/15 with 2.0’s Should be a great time. check the website for details
-Welcome Ben Linds (FNG-Deliverance) to the party

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