Hermie's Holler Fun

  • Workout Date - 10/27/2015
  • Q In Charge - Wifi
  • The PAX - Snip-It, Squeal, White Walker, Sanchez, Hermie, Fern, Rusty, Bunyan, Homeward Bound, Clapper, & Wifi
  • AO -

Squeal asked me to Guest Q about a month ago.  I was excited because I had only posted @ TY once and that was a while ago for the original TY workout.  However, I must be honest, I was not looking forward to a cold & wet post as I was driving to TY.  Praise the Lord, the rain held off.

Yo 11 (Sushi thing) guys got better!  Circled up in the parking lot because I did not know any different.  I opened with Prayer.

No warm-up need.  Get to work.


10 Burpees

Indian Run up hill and then onto the trail around the fields.

Stop on backside for 15 Merkins & 20 Squats.

Get back in line for more running to Hermie’s Holler.

To the knee wall for 11’s – Derkins & Dips.  Then the regulars wanted me to see their hills.  Up first parking lot hill and then to stop sign and back to Holler.

Partner up for Dora 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, & 300 Flutters.  P1 runs the hills & P2 does exercises.  A lot of chatter about the distance.  So audible back to just parking lot hill.

Gather PAX and all run to Stop Sign.  10 Burpees.  Back to Holler.

Link arms @ bottom of hill for GS Favorite.  Walk backwards up x 3.

Another great suggestion from Hermie (I think – it was very dark) for bear crawls & crab walks.  We did 2 rounds on hill

Indian Run back to B-Ball Courts for Mary


Big Boy Sit ups x 20

Flutters x 21 (How many points Clemson scored in 1st Q.)  That was for you Flay.  Where is Flay??

Dollies x 20

Merkins x 10

Snow Angles x 10

Another exercise but not sure what because I was getting my phone for COT.


Prayers for Squeal Adoption

Snip-It closed us out.

Great to be with you young guys @ TY.  Super location with many options.  Look forward to joining ya’ll again.  Also, would love to have you @ GS.


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