Hermie's Hamster Wheel

  • Workout Date - 10/01/2015
  • Q In Charge - Hermie
  • The PAX - Snip-it, Flay, Squince, Thumper, Wahwah, Squeal, Bunyan (as in Paul), Clapper
  • AO -

9 Rolled in. If you weren’t there, you weren’t missed. Long winded backblast, I know, but show some grace- I wrote this between patients throughout the course of the am.

SSH x 30
Mosey to tennis courts for:
Double Dora. 3 man teams. One man at each end of the tennis courts (5 courts long) with the odd man out running the length of the five courts. So, you started at one end of the tennis courts with a selected exercise, and when your teammate got to you, you tagged out and ran the courts to your other team mate to relieve him, and he ran back to the team mate that you just left. While running, drop and crank out a burpee between each court. Exercises at the end of the courts varied from ‘merkins, ‘merkin hammers, airsquats, flutter kicks, and I’m sure a few more. After we all worked up a sweat, we trotted over to the playground.
Hamster Wheel. Give me two pullups and take a lap around the playset, give me two pullups and take a lap around the playset, give me two pullups and take a lap around the playset. You get the point… Because there were not enough monkey bars for all of us to do the pullups at the same time, everyone made sure they didn’t get passed by their partners from Dora. We all encouraged each other with good form, after all, it’s only two pullups. Total pullup reps #50.
Quick break with #30 IW’s
Rinse and repeat hamster Wheel with #30 total (except for clapper, I’m pretty sure he did about #300…)
Back to the courts for Hermie’s inchworm crawl. This was a combo of a frog jump followed by a walkout pushup. We covered the five tennis courts for this exercise.
On the line again for down and back- run the length of the five courts (just like the runner in double dora, but all together) stopping for a quick ‘merkin between each court. We also ran backwards on the run back. Rinse and repeat, but with two ‘merkins between each court.
#30 flutter 4 ct.
#20 heels to heaven OYO
#20 ‘merkin hammer 4 ct.
Tankyard anniversary next thursday am. Flay is Q, Squeal bringing cupcakes.
Launch of Gideon’s house a success. If you don’t ump in at some point you have no heart.
Squeal back in court fro his daughter next monday and wednesday
CSAUP: Squince (and his 2.0) have made a boat out of cardboard and tape, which he plans to successfully navigate down the whitewater course at the US whitewater center in Charlotte this weekend. This is actually a real deal. He plans to dominate.

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