Hermie's balls of fire

  • Workout Date - 03/12/2015
  • Q In Charge - Hermie
  • The PAX - Semper, Flay, Cataract, Squeal, Guvnah, Snipit, Rusty, Wahwah, Brangelina, Clapper, Sanchez, T.B.C., Poacher, Madaff, Hermie
  • AO -

**Lucky for you, I could not figure out, for the life of me, how to post a picture…

15 fairweather PAX (Including the Q) rolled out of bed to head to the yard for some of Hermie’s goodness on his first day of his 39th year of life.

Little did they know that at the ripe age of 39, his balls wold be on fire.

29 x SSH
29 x IW

mosey to tennis courts, partner up for:
Here’s how it went down. Partners will finish #500 ‘merkins and #500 core of choice (LBC’s, russsian twist 2 ct, in n’ outs, freddy mercury 2 ct). These were to be completed in sets with #50 reps every turn.
guy 1 does 50 pushups while guy 2 counts and encourages, and with no break
guy 2 does 50 pushups while guy 1 counts and encourages, and with no break
guy 1 does 50 core while guy 2 counts and encourages, and with no break
guy 2 does 50 core while guy 1 counts and encourages, and with no break…
rinse and repeat for a total of #250 merkins and #250 mary for each partner

Now for some fun on the tennis courts. Hermie asked a few of the PAX to show up with their (tennis) balls in hand, and they responded (Thanks Bunyan). And thus, “Hermies Balls of Fire” came into existence.
20 tennis balls, 5 tennis courts, one large perimeter fence around all courts (to keep all balls in play), two teams of 7, virtually no light, and one TBC keeping everyone moving and playing nice.
The objective was to have as many of the 20 balls as possible off of your teams side of the net, and on the other teams side when TBC blew the whistle. First two games lasted 3 minutes each and the final game lasted a whopping 5 minutes. There was a lot of running and throwing, and then some more running and throwing. After the final game, the losing team was punished with 10 burpees and the winning team was rewarded with 15 burpees #guesswhichteamtheqwason

Flutter #40 ct
a few more LBC’s (overtime) while Q ran to car to get his phone

Lift up:
Golden Sombrero’s dad as he battles cancer
Semper’s friend’s mom as she battles cancer
Guvnah with baby #4 on the way
PAX parenting in general
Amy Hunter’s full recovery from brain aneurism
Squeal’s adoption

Know about:
TBC and Ashley and the Eiffel Tire (inspired tires) look for f3 backblast and GO VOTE
NCAA tourney thru Pledge- look for preblast
F# Custom heavy in Ctown

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