Hermie Love The Snow

  • Workout Date - 02/24/2015
  • Q In Charge - Hermie
  • The PAX - Cataract, Rusty, Montross, Semper, Squeal, Beavis, Bunyan, Clapper, Wah-Wah, Hermie
  • AO -

10 lovers of life and all things pure rolled out of the sack for a reunion with their favorite winter elf.

Here it was:
SSH x 25
IW x 25
SSH x 25

Indian run thru the hood. Every time Hermie made it back to the front, the PAX dropped for #25 merkins. Conveniently, after #200 merkins, we ended at Hermie’s holler.

In the holler, we got after Dora 1-2-3.
#100 D-erkins or I-erkins (rotating with turn)
#200 Russian twist (2 ct.)
#300 Dips

Indian run back to the holler for MOM:

#50 right Jane-Fonda-Pure-Bar-Morphed-Squealer-Standing-Sit-ups
#50 left Jane-Fonda-Pure-Bar-Morphed-Squealer-Standing-Sit-ups

And in the spirit of snow falling from the sky, we finished with the Bunyan Snow Angel Pyramid:
#15 Bunyan SNow Angels
six inches hold 10 ct
#10 Bunyan snow Angels
six inches hold 10 ct
#5 Bunyan Snow Angels

Clapper’s daughter (Lilly) is having surgery 3/31
Pray for the F3 brethren

Fellas, it was great to be back after a nice not so brief sabbatical. I appreciate the strong showing and being welcomed with open arms. I was impressed with the PAX. You boys are beasts

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  1. Glad to have you back. Don’t be a stranger.

    BTW, Clapper’s little gal is “Libby,” though I am certain The Big Man would still hear our prayers for Lilly.

    Thanks for stepping up and out and leading the PAX this mo’nin

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