Here's To You, Dad

  • Workout Date - 11/11/2014
  • Q In Charge - Dollywood
  • The PAX - Bill Nye the Science Guy, Soup, Wingnut, Dollywood
  • AO -

Not only is it Veteran’s Day, it’s also my dad’s birthday. YHC decided to honor his progenitor with pain inflicted on men said patriarch does not know and will likely never meet. Here’s to you, Dad!

SSH x 19
IW x 19

The Lion’s Den Thang
Mosey to the bridge near the war memorial.
Bear crawl across the bridge
Mosey to the pullup bars
Toes to bar x 19 #superhard
Mosey to the pipe near the dog park #itsdarkoverhere
Dips x 19 (DC)
Mosey toward Woodland Way, back over the river
Lunge walk across the bridge
Mosey back down the trail toward home base. Pause at the fork.
Squats x 19 (DC)
Mosey to the stone bridge
Diamond Merkins x 19
This is one loop. Repeat 3x

Flutters x 19 (DC)
LBCs x 19 (DC)
Russian Twists (DC)

That’s 57 reps of a bunch of stuff, and, if Google Maps is to be believed, just over 3 miles distance.

The Moleskine

  • While bear crawling across the bridge, YHC almost certainly gave some poor woman a heart attack. I can only imagine what a grown man on all fours can be mistaken for in the gloom. #thanksfornotpeppersprayingme
  • Props to Wingnut for hustling it out after a month-long hiatus. Don’t go too long without posting, kids. It’s just gonna hurt that much worse when you come back. #speakingfromexperience


  • Toys for Tots Convergence, Nov. 20. That’s next Thursday. Details here.
  • Pray for Wingnut and family, expecting 2.0 number 2 within a month.
  • Pray for Bill Nye the Science Guy and pursuit of a new job. Things look good so far.
  • Pray for GCOD, taking the kids out west for specialist visits. #looongtrip

Before I split, time to brag on my pops for a minute. Off the top of my head, here are some things that I am thankful for about my dad and things that I hope to emulate to my own two boys:

  • Faithfulness – to my mom, to me and my siblings, to his job, to our church, and ultimately to his God. I have a pretty poor memory, but one image that I will NEVER get out of my brain is that of my father, in the front room of our house, in his blue terry cloth bath robe and slippers, on his knees praying. I don’t think I exaggerate to say that I saw this hundreds of mornings.
  • Patience & Self-control – I am sure there were times that we made my dad crazy, and there was certainly discipline in our home, but there was no yelling. No angry outbursts. We knew what spankings felt like, for sure, but I never once feared that my father was going to “blow up” at me. This is the same way he deals with everyone. Not afraid to let you know what he’s thinking. Strong enough to do it with self-control.
  • Wisdom & Skill – My dad is a man of many interests. Accountant, hunter, fisherman, wood worker, bee keeper (that’s an apiarist, for those who care), arborculturist, gardener, and now, gentleman farmer. When he does a thing, he does it right.

No man is perfect. We all need grace. One of the means of grace God gives us is people. I’m thankful for this man in my life and want to be that same man for someone else. I’m sure we all do.

Until next time. Dollywood out.

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