Hello There

  • Workout Date - 04/21/2016
  • Q In Charge - 00 (Double Ought)
  • The PAX - Big Short, SoftHat, SlapChop, Bartman, Noonan, 00
  • AO -

5 men plus SoftHat (f/k/a HardHat) gathered under partly cloudy skies to partake in shared idiocy. Here’s what happened. No running today so I can pretend to be a runner for the Reedy River Run.

Half-hearted disclaimer

Warmup – Canklejibbys in cadence. HardHat pulls an OJ Simpson and acts like he’s having trouble putting on his gloves. There is no doubt that the gloves fit. He refuses to participate in shared canklejibby.

YHC takes the moment to explain about the need for strong hips for running and shares some PT exercises. We did side plank with clams to work on the hip abductors. I named these “Hello There.” Please click here. These were done in cadence. Except by SoftHat who oozes fake masculinity like a ruptured facial boil.

We move slowly toward the pullup bars. From the warm up circle we start with spiderman-walk for about a minute. We move about 8 feet. Then move to plank walk so we have some chance of getting to the pullup bars before 0615. We take breaks and do some Russian Twists, finish up with a crab walk.

Go to bars. Partner up. First partner does pullup while second partner elbow planks. Switch as necessary. I think about 3 rounds here.

Walk from bars to parking lot and start a burpee broad jump toward the Joe stairs. SoftHat is good at this, probably because he saved his strength from not doing canklejibbys. We stop. Do some reverse lunge walk, then some one-legged erectors for some solid glute work.

The Joes were imposing. With only 6 dudes and two sides of the stairs, this became a super aerobic exercise. We basically did four Joes on top of one another.

Stop. Do some flutters. Go to speed bump. Resume spiderman walk. This is clearly a bad idea. Turn around for some more Joe. After one flight, I am ready to do something else, but Bart mentions something about another time. SoftHat threatens to drop a barbell on his trachea. We do a second set.

More burpee broad jumps and lunge walk back up to the circle. But before we get there, SoftHat and YHC engage in some straight leg lifts to complete work on the hip abductors. He tries to throw off the cadence with some mumblechatter. He does. Plenty of time for Mary. Flutters, LBCs, and some slow count Freddie Mercs, which Bartman notes seem to be very difficult. #smokedmyself

COT – Prayer for Walker’s family.

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