Heavy Stuff, Fast Stuff

  • Workout Date - 08/12/2016
  • Q In Charge - Thumper
  • The PAX - HulkSmash, Rasheed, LOB, SoccerMom, ATM, MyLittleBrony, MintJulep, Deflated, Puma, Whisper, Road Trip, PineTar
  • AO -

YHC knew the trend of awful terrible Saturdays had to continue, I just couldn’t decide if I was going to do it with a light Q (mucho running) or a heavy Q (sandbags, blocks, rocks, oh my).    I settled for a hodge podge of both.

Enough with the formalities.


SSH x 50IC (it’s saturday, we have some time)

iW x 40IC (see above)

Dancing Bears (not doing too many of those, not with a ruck)

Thang 1:

Mosey to the sandbags/blocks.  Ran out of sand bags and thanks Mint Julep for bringing the blocks.   right on time.   Ruckers that had rucks wore rucks.

Bear crawl 1 lap speed way.

Get back to start, 1 lap shuffle carrying sandbag/block


Crabwalk/walkcrab 1 lap speedway

Get back to start, 1 lap shuffle carrying sandbag/block

ruckers with rucks took ’em off, time for the light portion

Thang 2:  Indian run into Spaulding farms, straight at the 1st intersection, left at the 2nd, and down the hill.    That hill sucks, it needs a name

1st round:  Prancercize up the hill (yes you read that right, it was as awkward as you think).   Except for LOB, somehow he made it look coordinated.  He may have bought the DVD, I digress.  10 burpees at the top, back down

2nd round:  It ain’t a race, but it’s race.   Dead sprint to the top.

3rd round:   See 2nd above.

Indian run back.  Gotta little spread out.  Some made it back for a few minutes of Mary.



Annc:  Michelin 5K, sign up under GS team.


Lot’s of families getting bigger: Teddidiah, Puma, John Denver, MyLittleBrony, all with 2.x on the way.   Puma’s Grandmother, Pray for Whisper’s Father, Deflated’s knee, Pastrami starting Citadel, Harbough’s son entering senior year at Citidel.

Everybody hussled, SoccerMom still fast. MLB & Puma notably husslin on the indian runs.  Whisper’s always a quick native american, it’s freaky.  ATM apparently has a secret shuffle overdrive.  LOB and MJ were husslin under weight.  TClaps to Rasheed for putting in huge effort on his first time out, and TClaps to Deflated, working through the bum knee.   Deflated also in the running for the JD Power and Associates best in initial quality award.   Dude shows up and works.

Very proud to call you all friends.   Honored to lead.

Still sore,







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