Heavenly 7s

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  • Workout Date - 03/03/2020
  • Q In Charge - Waxon
  • The PAX - The Muff, Training Wheels, Play-doh, Schwinn, Zebco, Bubba Gump, Squatting Dog, Courtesy Flush,
  • AO - The Station

10 men converged in the moisty gloom this morning, prepared to subject themselves to an iron-sharpening beatdown courtesy of YHC.      Hopefully all left having felt they got their money’s worth – YHC did.


  • Don Quixote x 15
  • Tempo squats x 10
  • 10 Burpees OYO (advance deposit for later train burpees)
  • Arm Circles

The Thing:

Pax moseys down the hill to the picnic shelter and assembles for 7s, consisting of combinations of double-count lunges and squats  (alternating forward and backward runs up the hill to the starting circle).    Once done, all mosey to the amphitheater for our second round of 7s, consisting of dips and hand-release merkins.    Slight mumblechatter here as nothing escapes these guys and it begins to dawn on them that we may have a theme emerging.   As usual, YHC ignores the mumblechatter and the work begins.     The group plows through this block of 7s in short order, so we mosey to the park entrance and YHC calls for a few time-buying calf raises while I think of additional time-fillers.     Inspiration strikes, and we cross the road to the usual wall for YHC’s ever-popular indexing bear crawl (*patent pending).      A little more mumblechatter at this point, as apparently, the Pax enjoys busting YHC’s balls about my signature piece, but who cares – YHC knows that they all secretly think that it’s the best exercise EVER!.      We then mosey down Cannon to the bottom of the hill and begin our last block of 7s.    This group consists of combinations of Freddy’s and LBCs, sandwiched between the run up Cannon to the intersection with Jason St.    We’re starting to drag a little by the end of this one, so YHC has a little mercy and ends the running for the day.     The Pax crosses the street to the lawn in front of the Episcopal Church and hits our knees for a round of 10 Jack Webbs.     This one gets a little comical as we look  like some kind of cult having gathered in a circle on a church lawn with our alternating pushups and arm-raises, and in fact we do get an interested observer who pulls over on the side of the road to watch us.    Courtesy Flush suggests that we all suddenly get up and jail-break towards the observer, but in today’s concealed-carry culture, the measure is quickly voted down.     Finally, all spent, we finish up with a round of 5 Lt Dan’s to the circle, and hit our 6 for dealer’s choice Mary.


  • Run opportunity tomorrow at 5:15 from the Pharm
  • always looking for a Q – remember the Q calendar
  • No Station workouts on Saturday – we’ve merged into Legacy for Saturday am beatdowns
  • Prayers that we as men always choose the Godly path when faced with that decision, or that fork in the road, and that we service as witnesses for Christ in all that we do.

Thanks for opportunity to lead this morning men.     Hopefully the workout was up to the level of your abilities.

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