Heartbreak fun in the park

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  • Workout Date - 11/16/2015
  • Q In Charge - Pacer
  • The PAX - Seal, Strike-out, Mud Puppy, Epee, Teddy Bear, Grit, Pacer
  • AO -

Windmills x15

Imperial Walkers x20


The Thang:
Since it was really nice out YHC figured it would be nice to meat Dora’s mean cousin “Heart Break”, so we moseyed down to the traffic circle to begin.

Heart Break 2,4,6.  (200 Mercs, 400 LBC’s, 600 Squats) runs up to the picnic shelter and back for the switch off.  Since some of us were rucking, those partnerships began to switch off the ruck during the squats, so that the Ruck stayed with the squat.

This  took longer than anticipated, so when we finished the team moseyed back up to the Bridge and had some more fun.

Wall of Fire (Peoples chair, while each PAX rotates performing 20 Mercs & 10 Squats.)

This brought us up to close.  Good Job gentlemen!  Way to show some real Zeal out there when it got ruff.



Team RWB Weds noon @ Linky Stone.

Toys for Tot’s convergence this Thursday (11/19/15)

Brew Ruck.  Cost will be a ruck of canned goods (12/12/15)


None in the AO, but France and anyone involved with the mess should be remembered.  Pray for sanity in this crazy world we live.

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