Heartbreak at The Gate

  • Workout Date - 12/12/2016
  • Q In Charge - THE HARDHAT
  • The PAX - Boss Hog, Noonan, Uber, THE HARDHAT
  • AO -

Warm-up – IW IC x 25, Slow Count Merkin’s x 10, 10 Low Squats OYO

Partner up and Pick up one block for the partners to share. Mosey to front of church.

Heart Break 2,4,6.  (200 Mercs, 400 Curls for the Girls, 600 total Core, 200 LBC, 200 Box Cutters, 200 double count flutters) Partner runs up and around the top of the parking lot with the block except for curls. 

Move to low area beside church – Wall of Fire (Peoples chair, while each PAX rotates farmer carrying the two blocks up the stairs and around the parking lot). Went thru this a couple of times. Mixed in some squats. 

Circle – Prayers and convergence anouncements.

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