Headwinds with no tailwinds?

  • Workout Date - 05/16/2014
  • Q In Charge - Longbottom
  • The PAX - Johnny 5, HugeNuts, Broadway (FNG Foster Rodwell), Erector, 1D, Pumpkin (going original), Alfred, Bartman, Longbottom
  • AO -

9 faithful (1 fng) posted in the breezy gloom for the launch of swamprabbit’s second interval running AO (CoH). It was was a little dark at the start, but running in the moonlight a great way to start a Friday (sounds like the start of cheesy song). Good effort by all pax this morning, all were able to hold a consistent pace with most posting negative splits on their final laps. #Tclaps to fng (Broadway), brave man to make his fist post at CoH/RoF.

The Thang

1 mile mosey warm-up followed by 10x400m with 1 minute rest between each. Pax were encouraged to keep moving during 1 min. recovery to keep the blood flowing! #Mumblechatter between each interval focused on the significant head wind on the back stretch. Why didn’t we feel the tailwind at the start?

1 mile mosey to cool down.

Circle up for 6MOM (1D lead ab slicer) – 30 dc mountain climbers followed by core exercise, repeat x 8. If you want more detail show up at RoF or CoH. You may not want to it is too hard!!

-Prayers for 1D and his upcoming surgery. Hope it is a quick recovery brother and we see your mug at future workouts soon, even if it only running and core. At least come heckle us and ignite the #mumblechatter. #strongundercarriage #T-rexarms.
-Continued prayers and support for Erector and his search for a new job. Get us your resume as soon as it is ready.
-Snowden will be leading the swamprabbit contention for the Spartanburg work out tomorrow. If you have not been to the hub city, I highly recommend a trip in the gloom tomorrow. Great group of men! Your arms and ears will feel it on Sunday!


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