Hasta la vista, arms

  • Workout Date - 07/28/2020
  • Q In Charge - Grass Fairy
  • The PAX - Wi-Fi, Flo, Red Ryder, Lumbergh
  • AO - The Terminal

Mission Statement: The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Although I look like a professional, I am definitely not one. Modify as necessary.


It was a cool humid morning at The Terminal lets do something to warm us up:
SSH – 25 IC
IW – 20 IC
TTT – 20 IC
LBAC – 10 forward 10 reverse IC
Overhead Arm claps – 20
Stretched arms

With the warmup taken care of, we decided to mosey on to the picnic tables to start off getting our arms swole.
To start off, we decided to do some dips. 20 of them in-cadence
After that we did 20 merkins OYO
We can’t possibly do only arms, let’s work the core with 20 BBSU OYO
Don’t forget the legs, so we did 20 Squats OYO
It wasn’t tough enough, so let’s repeat this.

When we finished at the picnic shelter, we moseyed to the secret garden.
What? Not enough arms? Let’s do some handstand merkins, 5 of them OYO.
Can’t get enough of them arms? Let’s do 20 incline merkins OYO
Again, didn’t hear enough complaints, so let’s repeat!

We couldn’t feel our arms, we moseyed to the bus loop and grabbed some coupons.
Oh look! Another left tuuuurn! Gentlemen, Start! Your! Engines!
Well there were not enough PAX to have a full on race, so we did a practice run and then a qualifying run for a NASCAR race in the future. Each driver called out an exercise to AMRAP while they ran the loop. Once the driver got back, we did 10 decline merkins to change the tires.
Practice lap for each driver:
Red Ryder drove – the pit crew did flutters
Flo drove – the pit crew did squats
Wi-Fi drove – the pit crew did overhead presses
Lumbergh drove – the pit crew did curls for the gurls
Grass Fairy drove – the pit crew did tricep extensions
Qualifying lap:
Driver: Red Ryder / Pit Crew: Flutters
Driver: Flo / Pit Crew: Squat Thrusters
Driver: Wi-Fi / Pit Crew: Step Ups
Driver: Lumbergh / Pit Crew: Chest Press
Driver: Grass Fairy / Pit Crew: BBSU

We put the coupons back

Mary Time, sounds like hammer time:
Start of with American Hammers – 20 IC
Let’s keep that momentum and do some Freddy Mercuries – 20 IC
Now let’s take a breather and do some LBCs – 20 IC
We need to eat up some time: Plank-o-rama time
Start in high plank – 10 seconds
Raise right arm – 10 seconds
Back to high plank – 10 seconds
Raise left arm – 10 seconds
Back to high plank – 10 seconds
Raise right leg – 10 seconds
Back to high plank – 10 seconds
Raise left leg – 10 seconds
Back to high plank – 10 seconds
Need to kill some more time:
Pickle Pointers can help pass the time. 20 of them IC

Announcements: Extreme Week August 10 -15: http://f3swamprabbit.com/f3-swamp-rabbit-extreme-week/

Prayer Requests: All the teachers with schools possibly opening, NYOPT’s daughter that is having surgery.

I’ll be back, for some legs.

Grass Fairy