Has It Been A Year Already

  • Workout Date - 04/22/2015
  • Q In Charge - ⚽️ Mom
  • The PAX - Whisper, ATM, Bambi, Pet Stain, Homeward Bound, Hulk Smash, Sammy, Tedidiah
  • AO -

This morning I had the pleasure of hosting some PAX at Pitchfork for my 1 year Anniversary Q. F3 has been a tremendous addition to my life. It’s an honor and a privilege to meet with a group of men who truly want to be better than they were the day before. Not just better at pull ups and burpees, but better as husbands and fathers, friends and leaders, brothers and citizens.

Okay now here is what went down.

9 PAX resisted the warm dry call of the fartsack and rambles out into the rainy gloom to make their Friday morning downpainment at the Pitchfork.

Before starting F3 I was a P90X loner in my living roomI thought I’d share some of my experience with the fellas. So here we go.

Warm up

Run in place
Arm Circles

The Thang

Renegade Rows x10
Plank hold on elbows 45 sec
Pike press X 10
Superman X 45 sec
Repeat 3 times

Lunge, kickback, curl, press X 20?
Core reach X 10 each side(shelf)
Calf raises X 10 toes out

Calf raise X 10 toes straight

Calf raises X 10 toes in.

Curls x20
Hammer Curls x20

Squatter burpees X 10
Ab Ripper

In and Outs x25

Bicycles x25

Reverse Bicycles x25

Crunchy Frog x25

Wide leg Sit ups x25

Fifer Scissors x25

Hip Rock and Raise x25

Heels to Heaven x25

V up/roll up x25

Oblique V up x25

Leg Climbs x25

Kayak twists(American Hammer) x50

congratulations gentlemen, you’ve just completed Ab ripper X. If you stuck with us you did 350 core/ab exercises! Great work men.


Announcements: Reedy River run Saturday, Easy Bake marathon Saturday , Ruckers in Asheville and Greenville

Prayers: Phillips family, brave men and women giving their lives for the USA


It was a pleasure boys! SYITG

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