Halloween Q, Earn Yo' Candy!

  • Workout Date - 10/31/2015
  • Q In Charge - Thumper
  • The PAX - LookOutBelow, FloppyDisk, AffordableCareAct, ThirdBase, ATM, Whisper, RickyBobby
  • AO -

A little brisk, but we 8 PAX show up for what I hope was a nice all around beat down.   All men worked their arses off.   Saturdays @ PF seem to work out nicely for pre post activities.   Floppy and YHC got in close to 4 miles before the warm up, and the ruckers (LOB, 3B, ATM) showed up right on time.   I think they rucked over to PF from somewhere in Laurens…….kidding, but they (ATM, 3B, LOB) did take some circuitous route over from GS.  Big Fat Tclaps.   Enough with the chat chit.


Warm up:

SSH(of course)x25IC




IndianRun, 4 laps ’round PF Track.


PAX lined up & partnered up @ the bottom of the upper basket ball court.

Round 1: Partner 2 holds plank at bottom of court,  Partner 1 Bearcrawl to halfcourt, perform 10xMerkins plank and hold….go time for partner 2 to bearcrawl to halfcourt, perform 10xmerkins, plank and hold……go time for partner 1 to bearcrawl to the end of the court and perform 10xmerkins, plank & hold…….go time for partner2 to bearcrawl to end of court, 10xmerkins, plank and hold.  Repeato pattern back to halfcourt, repeato pattern to bottom of court.

Round 2: Repeato traversing the court in the pattern of round 1, but with crabwalks, reverse planks, and dying cockroaches @ the halfcourt stops and end.

Round 3:  Exceptionally stupid, especially given the mumble chatter regarding LOBs leg day.  Repeato traversing court in the pattern of round 1, but with duck walks, groiners at the half court and end stops, and holding Al Gore as partners caught up with each other.




Addition of coupons vs. 1.0.   PAX lined up @ Monkey Bars, 2xChinups, run to other side of the play ground area, flip the tire.  Run back to Monkey Bars, repeato.   Ran this pattern to 40 chinups and 20 tire flips.   I’ll have to consult with the great Whisper on this, but I think it should be about another .5 of running.  V1.2 Already in development.

Back for quick MOM:

Random order for legs out and spread ’em, complete with smacking of the belly at 3Bs recommendation.  BoxCuttersx20IC, LBCsx20IC

Announcements:   Hope Relay Nov14, sounds like a lot o’ fun.  F3SwampRabbit Christmas Party is in the works, I believe 12/11/2015 is penciled in.  ATM has the Q on Wed @ Gideons.   Get there if you can!

Prayer Requests:   Keep Hulk’s brother in prayer.  He’s out of the hospital, and is going to have to get used to some lifestyle changes.   Keep your tickers healthy boys.  Chris Booth continues to improve, thanks for the prayers.

Moleskin:  TClaps to Floppy for the PPR and for busting arse.   Observations:  ACA still fast.  RickyBobby not exactly slow.   Whisper as unrelenting as ever.  Hated that I was DR for a “don’t put ’em down” Whisper Q on the day before.  Missing the eastern European tours.  Ruckers is crazy (meant as a compliment), ATM is among them.   And, WTH, was 3B an Olympic bear crawler?

Godspeed men.  Always a pleasure.   Looking forward/dreading a SoccerMomQ ITG.




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