Halloween Crucible: It was killer…

  • Workout Date - 10/31/2014
  • Q In Charge - Amelia
  • The PAX - Hootie, GCOD, Houdini, Floppy, 00, San Diaaaago, Mega Mu, Amelia
  • AO -

The Halloween Crucible was a blast. That is for all PAX not name Grilled Cheese on a Donut… You see, GCOD showed up to the #HalloweenCrucible a man of his word. Of all the pax who posted, GCOD was the only one who came dressed up for the occasion…


As it turned out, this simple act of bravery ended up being his downfall. You see at 7:14 am, we received this picture tweeted from his Twitter account. It was most likely taken by his M or possibly one of his 2.0s.

gcod rip 2

It seems GCOD simply wasted away in the comfort of his home after coffeteria.  Probably would’ve been better off fartsacking.  Poor GCOD…  Was it the Death Squats?  Or the Burp-ups?  Was it the killer hill?  At least he had a smile on his face in the end…  Here’s what went down…

The Thang

halloween crucible
Solo Mission, although mumble chatter/encouragement was encouraged and plentiful.

1 mile loop consisting of 6 Painstations. In order to simplify things, the first 3 exercises going “Out” are all 31 reps.

1. Merkins x 31
2. Mtn. Climbers x 31 (getting ready to climb)
3. Russian Twists x 31

The last 3 exercises coming “Back” are 13 reps.

4. Death Squats x 13 (Roll on your back, feet over your head. Roll up fast and stand up)
NOTE: Heard a lot of mumble chatter during Death Squats. “My back hurts” “I need a pallet of leaves under me” “Anybody have a thermarest?”
5. Skull Crushers x 13 (Using wall at bridge)
6. Burp-ups x 13 NOTE:  NOTE:  Should’ve audibled to 5 Burp-ups. These were hard. Too stubborn to keep with the numbering theme…

Rinse and Repeat 4 times.  Total of 4 grueling miles.


F3 Party tomorrow, 11-1-14
5K race at Conestee on 11-8-14. Come on out and try to beat Sushi for a good cause.

T-claps to GCOD for his boldness. T-claps to Mega Mu, Houdini and Hootie for blazing the trail..


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