Half Birthday

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

Two flags were planted (and not that stubborn mini flag from the #BigBang,either) and 30 men and 1 man-in-training, rolled into the gloom.  Three FNGs for those scoring at home.


  • Split into teams of 4 max.
  • Mosey across the 4 lane, each team grab a plate and a sandbag.
  • Mosey to deck.


  • Partner 1:  Hairburner
  • Partner 2, 3 (and 4):  10 merkins, catch Partner 1.
  • Rinse and repeat up each of 3.5 levels


  • SSH x 20
  • Low, slow squat jump x 10
  • I Walkers x 15
  • Low-slow merkins x 10
  • Monkey Humpers x 15

Regroup for Sand Bag Relays

  • Partner 1:  Sand bag down a level and back up
  • Partner 2, 3 (4):  Various exercises:  dolly, mountain climbers, LBCs, and something else
  • Partner 1:  Sand bag squat to overhead press
  • Partner 2, 3, (4):  Fast mosey down a level and back up

Circle up for Mary

  • One-legged flutter x 10
  • Other-legged flutter x 10
  • Stop motion flutter x 10
  • One-legged dolly x 10
  • Other-legged dolly x 10
  • Stop motion dolly x 10

What goes up, must come down….

  • Partner 1:  Hairburner down a level
  • Partner 2, 3 (and 4):  10 merkins, catch Partner 1.
  • Rinse and repeat down each of 3.5 levels

Mosey back to COT


  • #SwampRabbit was born on 02-02-13–six months ago tomorrow.  Of the 11 Greenville guys that were at the #BigBang, 7 were there today.  That’s strong.  T-Claps.
  • I make no apology for my love of the plates.  I hide them in the grass or leave them in the car so the A51 pax don’t drive away.  They love them, too, but in a different sort of way.  And like burpees, no matter how many you do, they never get easier.  I was this close to bringing them in February, but better judgment prevailed.  No kid gloves today, though, and the Pax muscled through it like champs.  And having been arse up pushing a plate many times myself, I will say that parking deck was stickier than your basic asphalt parking lot.  They are hard, but not usually THAT hard.  T-Claps.
  • EC skipped the formalities and went the full Chippendale straight from the Fartsack.  Just showed up shirtless, like he was late for a gig at a bachelorette party.  “Look at your man.  Look at me.  I am on a horse.”
  • Thirty six year spread in our FNGs today.  Welcome to FNG Stimpy. (STEEM-PEE); 14 year-old FNG Snooka (a butterfly specialist, “superfly”,); and Piggy Bank (50–RESPECT) who sported the denim shorts with about 8 dollars of change in the pocket. We know that because he sounded like a reindeer when he ran, and he had to pick up about 6 dollars of it after Mary. He was apparently minding his own business as a #SadClown walker one morning when he got a flying EH from one of the Pax.  Showed up today with a car payment in change in his left front.  Great effort, PB.  Come back.
  • We returned to COT to observe a Level 10 Shovel Flag Infraction–Fallen Flag.  The A51 rule is 1 burpee for every star that hits the deck (maybe not so much a rule, as an expectation).  1 Direction is now 50 burpees in arrears.  Remit at your next workout.
  • Thanks, guys for allowing me to lead.  Looking forward to seeing continued growth in the region.  If you’ve been coming regularly for two months, you’re ready to lead, even if you think you aren’t.  I hear the #hatehates, Pledge and Electric City, stepped up to lead Saturday.  It’s now on the internet, so it’s true.


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