Gut Busters, Burpees, and a variety of pain

  • Workout Date - 04/30/2015
  • Q In Charge - Mab Mab
  • The PAX - Wally, Training Wheels, Grrr, NSA, Dumbeldore, iTunes, Squirrel Butt, Playdough, Cockroach, Belfort, Mab Mab (YHC)
  • AO -

11 PAX left the comfort of their fartsack to embrace a glorious gloom at The Station this morning. They were warned that YHC was bringing a workout to them brewed in Nail Pops mind from Lexington. There were a couple modifications, but the pain was still great. Here is the deal:

Conditions: 56 degrees, clear, and strangely a little cool

10 Merkins IC
20 Russian Twists IC

Head to field in front of Greer City Hall…

Mosey to the Statring Line (Fire Hydrant) for some AMRAP Burpee work w/ some running in between

– Start at the (fire hyrdant) Goal Line and do 5 burpees. Proceed to the mid field mark (approx 50 yards) and do 10 burpees. Then carry on to the other end of field (goal line) at trees and do 5 burpees. Every time you get to the 50 yard line you do 10 burpees. Each goal line you do 5 burpees. Continue this for roughly 8-10 minutes. NSA and Playdough were the obvious leaders and TORE IT UP!

YHC calls break- back to first goal line for core:
20 Flutters IC
20 Freddy Mercury’s IC

Stay on the Goal Line (Fire Hydrant) for some AMRAP Big Boy Sit Up work w/ some running in between

– Start at the Goal Line and do 20 Big Boy Sit Ups, then proceed to the other Goal Line and do 20 more. Continue this for roughly 7-8 minutes. Heard a few comments about how could Big Boy Sit Ups hurt so bad!

YHC calls break- back to first goal line for more core:
20 Mountain Climbers IC
20 Peter Parkers IC

Mosey to the sideline for some Gassers w/ Merkins 15-1.

– Start on the sideline (line of lights by street)  and then run to the other sideline do 15 merkins. Run to other sideline and back to first. Decrease by 1 merkin with each Gasser until you are down to 1 merkin. If anyone did the math it was 120 merkins.

When completed, everyone on their 6 on first sideline for LBCs:

Mosey to the Goal LIne (Fire Hydrant) for Suicides & Fairy Jacks Escalator

–Starting at Goal Line,
Sprint to 1st light pole and back to Goal Line- 5 Fairy Jacks
Sprint to 2nd light pole and back to Goal Line- 10 Fairy Jacks
Sprint to 3rd light pole and back to Goal Line- 15 Fairy Jacks
Sprint to 4th light pole and back to Goal Line- 20 Fairy Jacks
Not going to lie, once we got to 15 & 20 Fairy Jacks the PAX were looking a little intoxicated….
the Pain Was On TAP!!!

Back to first field to meet Mary:

2 MOM:
15 Oblique Crunches IC (15 each side)

Shout out to Playdough on his birthday today! This guy showed up today with a vengeance against the clock and set the bar for all the PAX to aspire to this morning!

May 16th Jack-a-Lope- yes you can still sign up

May 4th-Monday –  Launch of Eye of the Tyger AO at Tyger River Park- 5:30 am Bootcamp- come support YHC and have a blast!

Prayer for all the 1100 scouts going to be at Donaldson Center- Wally and iTunes have sons out there, prayers for adult patience!

Prayers for Walker Phillips- heading to Duke for treatments- strength and wisdom, and HEALING

Prayer for Evie Couch- Double Aughts daughter- had heart surgery yesterday-lift them up y’all

Prayer for Training Wheels sub cont Javier- intense cancer treatment, stomach removed, feeding pack- HEALING

Reminder to all PAX: As we get out on a daily basis and are able to resist that fartsack, breath air in our lungs, and strengthen our bodies- DO NOT TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED. We find ourselves in a place of wanting more, but God has given us more than we could ever ask or imagine. Be grateful every moment every day and live w/ the true joy that Christ has given us. Live in Hope.

BOM: Training Wheels

That’s it men. Keep up the good work. Keep EH-ing guys- they need this. Pray for each other.

God bless,
Mab Mab


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