Guest Q at The Tankyard

  • Workout Date - 01/26/2016
  • Q In Charge - Latka
  • The PAX - Squeal, Homeward Bound, Montross, Flay, White Walker, Squints, Sanchez, Clapper, Latka.
  • AO -

Nine guys got out of bed to get better with YHC at The Tankyard.  Conditions were chilly at 38 degrees, but that didn’t slow us down.  I couldn’t see where I was going, but the pax guided me along the way.

Warm Up – SSH x 20 IC, IW x 20 IC, Merkins x 10 IC.

Mosey over to the parking lot for what Flay dubbed the “Leo DiCaprio” (AKA:  “I’m king of the world!”).  Indian Run with the leader holding dumbbells out to his sides, like he’s riding on the front of the Titanic.  When the guy in the back gets to the front, hand off the dumbbells and yell “go” for the next guy.  Did this for one lap around the park = everyone went at least twice.

Dora 123 with Merkins, Squats, Double-Count Flutters.

Mosey over to the playground for Swerkins x 10 and Pull-ups x 10.  Rinse and repeat for three circuits.  #lotsofwhiningaboutpull-ups

Mosey to the tennis courts for Suicide Squats.  Sprint to end of the first court and back, Squats x 5.  Sprint to the end of the second court and back, Squats x 10.  Third court and back, Squats x 15.  Fourth court and back, Squats x 20.  End of the fifth court, Squats x 25.  Plank and wait.

Eight minutes of Mary, Dealer’s Choice style.  Air Humpers x 20 IC, Snow Angels x 20 IC, LBCs x 20 IC, Heels To Heaven x 20 IC, Squints’s Merkin Jazz-hand Thingy x 20 IC (awkward 5-count), Rosalita x 20 IC, Dying Cockroach x 20 IC, and I can’t remember the other two exercises.

-Great effort from everyone out in the cold gloom.

-Good to be back at The Tankyard – even though they made fun of my headlamp.

-Iceman told me to “bank on it” and guaranteed Squeal showing up in shorts and short sleeves.  He did not disappoint.  Vegas paid me $1.50 for my $100.00 bet.  Boom.  #coffeeonme

-Prayers for the family of Andy Van Evra, who was killed running on Hwy 14 in Simpsonville last week.

-Continued prayers for Squeal’s family’s legal battle.  Hoping for a conclusion soon.

-Prayers for Sanchez’s friend who needs a medical miracle.

Latka, out.

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