GS-500 Strikes Again!

  • Workout Date - 02/16/2016
  • Q In Charge - Look Out Below
  • The PAX - Puma, Third Base, Lite Brite, Look Out Below
  • AO -

4 brave PAX gave it their all at Golden Strip in the cold and rainy February gloom.  Didn’t some rodent see his shadow or something a few weeks ago??  Three ruckers did ruck things prior to 0530 and were very excited to hear the GS-500 was making a come back.

Warm Up:

SSH x 20 – IC

Hillbillies x 20 – IC

Merkins x 10 – IC

The Thang:

The GS-500 strikes again!  100 reps of 5 different exercises.  The PAX paired up and complete the workout together, but reps are counted individually, not a joint effort.  I had to make sure everyone got their 500!  The exercises were –

Squats x 100

Merkins x 100

Jump Lunges x 100

Carolina Dry Docks x 100

Heels to Heaven x 100

While one PAX did the reps, the other ran the outer loop of the parking lot at Golden Strip, roughly 1/4 mile track.  Total, we ran approximately 10 laps.

Yes, still time left!  Under the car drop-off overhang, 1 PAX knocked out 10 merkins then bear crawled, stopping at every other post to hold plank and wait for the partner.  We continued this for 4-5 stops.

3 Minutes of Mary – just enough time to do 4 count Flutters – IC x 25 and LBCs – IC x 25.  And Done!

Great work today.  I expected to see more faces!  The weather wasn’t that bad, we’ve been in out there in much worse.  EMBRACE THE SUCK!

Announcements/Prayer requests:

  • Third Base’s job – merger happening, pray for clarity, peace and guidance
  • Puma’s wife – They are expecting their 2nd child and the wife is in the morning sickness phase



Look Out Below

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